Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday bullets: I love my friends!

There is a number of random thoughts that have been swarming through my mind that I wanted to share and decided to do a little bullet post Friday with a list of very random thoughts to share.

- To start, I finished off this week getting all my runs in.  It was a 3-6-3 week again and very hot and sweaty for the runs.  I did the Monday and Wednesday runs solo in Albany, and man is it 100 times harder to get out of bed to run when you don't have a friend waiting for you!

- On Thursday afternoon/evening the team that I work with surprised me by throwing a "Congratulations/Going Away" party for me at a local happy hour spot.  I had thought we were just going out for a drink with our team but there were many of our other coworkers there, people I used to work with at my last job, and some of my closest friends.  There was a slideshow going with photos from throughout the past 6 years and then food, drinks, and some amazing gifts and cards.  Needless to say I was completely overwhelmed, choked up, and felt so loved and special by everyone coming out for me.  I am going to miss people here SO much!

- On that note, a couple weekends ago I was talking to a friend about how I have amazing female friendships in my life and I feel really blessed about it. I mentioned how this summer we have had a lot of events for my friend E’s wedding and it was the first wedding of the group of girls I've been friends with since kindergarten. The guy I was talking to then asked, “What happens when there is only one of you left who is single? Will that be weird or awkward?” My response, “Oh, you mean like right now? With me?” …. Oh the single life, haha.

- BUT, I’ve been researching running groups in Atlanta and have found some pretty cool ones that I will try to get out and join when I arrive there. Getting excited!
- AND, I should mention that my girl friends get a lot of (much deserved) love on this blog, but I've got some pretty amazing guy friends as well.  One of the things that brought me nearly to tears yesterday was having the three guys there who have been best friends, brothers, mechanics, handy men, shoulders to cry on, pseudo-dates on occasion, drinking buddies, and just absolutely priceless to me over the years.  I love these boys!

- At work the other day, I was leaning forward in my chair because I was scratching my leg/reading something on my computer screen that was really small print. A coworker walked by and came over and said, “It’s really not my place, but you should sit up straight, it’s not good for you.” My reaction? Uhhh, you’re right. It’s NOT your place. STFU. Seriously, this made me so angry. Would you go up to someone eating a cheeseburger and tell them not to? Someone smoking and tell them it’s bad for them? A woman wearing high heels and say it’s bad for you? No. It’s not your body. People can treat it however they want.

- Recently, my alma mater sent an e-mail with a “Save the Date” for a building dedication celebration on campus and in italics on the bottom of the e-mail it says, “Special guest Oprah Winfrey” – what the heck? Why was this not in bold letters!?!  The e-mail subject should have been "OPRAH IS COMING!!" and the body of the e-mail could have just said, "And YOU get a dedication! And YOU get a dedication!  Dediiiicaaaaatioooonnnssss!"
- I mentioned in a post about the game "Loaded Questions" and got a question about what the game actually was from one of my friends/readers.  The game is sort of like Balderdash but with questions like "What is the best advice you have ever received?" and everyone writes an answer anonymously and then one person reads aloud and another has to guess who wrote which answer.  I assume most families play like normal human beings and write things like, "Be yourself!" or "Never give up!" 

However, when my family plays, the actual question is sometimes irrelevant and it ends up just being a game of "Who can write the most outrageous thing on a piece of paper?" and for a question of "What is the best advice?" my family members would write things like, "Don't forget to wipe your butt!!" or "Katie is an idiot!!" --- We laughed a lot while we were on vacation saying that it would be so funny if one of us were somehow joining to play a game of "Loaded Questions" with a new group and didn't realize that other families don't play the way that we do.  So if the question was "What's the best compliment you've ever received?", how funny would it be if the responses were read aloud as "Beautiful smile!" "I'm very thoughtful." "That I inspire them!" and then something like, "PRETTIEST BUTTCRACK IN THE WORLD."  Uhhh... that last one would be from a member of my family for sure :)
- I had a very "upstate New York" day today spending a couple hours at the iconic Saratoga Race Course and then painting the race course at a local Paint And Sip class!  My friend booked the whole studio and chose a custom picture to paint, so it was really fun!  Although it is by no means a masterpiece, I am looking forward to finding a home for it when I get an apartment in Atlanta as a memory of my loves in Upstate NY!!

- I fly to Atlanta in the morning for my first trip to explore my new soon-to-be home!  Woohoo :)

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