Tuesday, December 20, 2016

KO and Juan Wedding Weekend - The final one!

Earlier this fall, right when I got back from Australia, I had a quick turnaround for a trip to New York City. I want to post about this even though it is a couple of months behind because I just feel the need to close out this final wedding in a series on the blog. In September, my lifelong best friend and final girl friend in my group of "scout" friends that I have had since elementary school, married the man of her dreams. KO has been a staple on the blog for a while from her visits to Albany, to my shameless pride as her best friend in all that she does, she is a rock star and I love her.

KO, Teenie, Meaggie and E have been my 4 best friends since we were in elementary school and we've been doing the wedding circuit for the past couple of years. It started with E and James in Rhode Island, followed by Meaggie and Jon in Boston, then we doubled up this year with Teenie and Ryan's Chicago wedding in June, followed by KO and Juan's wedding in NYC in September!

After arriving home from Australia on a Wednesday evening, I left on Friday evening to fly to New York City. The first night that I arrived, I spent the evening with my college best friend (also with the same name) and started wedding festivities bright and early on Saturday morning.

KO kept things very low key and so very "her" and had us all over for a bridesmaids breakfast before heading over to a brunch at a Venezuelan restaurant in New York City where we got to meet the extended wedding party.  KO's bridesmaids were made of a mixture of her family, her husband's family, and friends from various points throughout her life. KO and I have done everything together our whole lives... she is truly a sister to me. Luckily, her actual younger sister is one of my favorite people ever in the world, so it was really great to spend more time with her throughout the weekend, and the entire family.  We had a beautiful girls only brunch, entire family brunch, wedding rehearsal, and I was then able to join KO and the crew for dinner and final hugs before the wedding day.

The wedding started with the girls meeting up at the apartment she shares with Juan. The morning was so simple and low key and full of so many sweet moments with just the group of girls she loves surrounding her. Unlike other weddings I have been a part of, there was no photographer (besides me of course), no formality of any hair or makeup, no parents, just the bridesmaids, which made for a very intimate moment. I was so honored to be by Kate's side through these moments.

We Uber-ed to the church where I played my typical role of DJ, snuck into the basement of the church, and shortly after as guests filed in, it was time to get started. The ceremony went off beautifully, full of love and tradition and smiles. As we left the church, guests threw [mock] rice and rose petals and one of Juan's groomsmen surprised the newly married couple with an old fashioned NYC taxi cab. It was the perfect touch.

The reception was filled with gorgeous NYC skyline views, delicious food, lots of chatter and laughter, dancing, toasts, and I don't think Kate or Juan stopped smiling once the entire evening. I also really loved spending more time with KO's husband Juan's family - they were all so welcoming and loving and really got to know as many people as they possibly could. I loved it!

Everything about the wedding was so perfectly them and so very New York City. The weather was absolutely perfect, we had an amazing sunset, and I was so honored to be a part of another one of my very best friend's wedding days.

Congratulations to KO and Juan!

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