Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Second Half of January Training Update

Okay, so wanted to check back in with the training update of the second half of the month. I am wishing I could say that it went spectacularly and although the majority of it did, I'm currently feeling a bit sad. I'm sitting on the couch with ice on my hip, hoping and hoping that what I've been feeling over the past week is the worst of it. I've aggravated something in my hip that must just be a weak point as I think its the same thing I hurt in 2015 right before the Chicago Marathon.

My guess is the speed and track workouts I have been doing have escalated the injury that usually would only come about as mileage increased. I'm not used to all of the starting and stopping during the track workouts so think the damage may have to do with that. To say I am disappointed and frustrated is an understatement. But anyways, let's recap the second half of the month, shall we?

Tuesday 1/17 - ITL Track Tuesday

I arrived back on a Monday evening from Switzerland and was able to do a little grocery shopping, food prep and laundry before falling asleep. I woke up early the next morning to return to the ITL Track Tuesday morning workouts.

We did a series of 800s and 400s and I was really proud of myself at this workout for both the effort I put out after traveling and also the paces when I looked at my watch after. The coaches at the workout gave me kudos as well, knowing I was working out after traveling back the night before. I felt great!

Wednesday 1/18 - AM 3600M Swim + PM 1 hour trainer ride

Wednesday was a return to the pool after the time away which felt stiff and tough and like I needed to regain my momentum in the water. In the evening, I did a 1 hour ride on my trainer following an interval workout my coach gave me.  He originally gave me a workout based on as if I had a power meter on my bike (which I don't) and I was totally confused as to how I was supposed to pedal 140% or 160% and know the difference. Apparently it is a power thing and once I clarified with him felt ready to move forward!

Thursday 1/19 - 6 mile easy run

I opted to sleep in this Thursday morning and skip my morning run. However, because I had my bags packed, I have a rule that I have to go to the gym, so I did some upper body strength training which was fun and I need to find the time to do more of.

I ran in the evening after work along the Chattahoochee trail. Maybe it was the switch up in routine and doing an evening run when I usually do morning runs, but this felt not the best. I wrote to my coach that I just felt tired. I think it was the jet lag and immediate return to work and training and nonstop going, going, going... but I was ready for a break after this workout.

Friday 1/20 - AM Swim + PM 1.5 hour trainer ride

However, a break didn't happen! I returned back to the pool, trying to regain that momentum I had lost while traveling for a 2800 meter swim and in the evening I rode my bike for 1.5 hours on the trainer.  That is my longest weekday ride and I felt like a bit of a badass riding my trainer on a Friday evening. I did 1.5 hours as my long ride for the week since I had friends staying with me throughout the rest of the weekend and didn't want to have to make them sit around and watch me on the trainer!

Saturday 1/21 - 1 hour trainer ride

As I mentioned, I had friends visiting me this weekend. One of them is my triathlon inspiration, Miss Jenna, and she is currently training for her first full Ironman so she had her own workout to do. Unfortunately, the weather in Atlanta was not cooperating so she ran on the treadmill in my apartment building while I rode the bike on the trainer in my apartment. It was really fun to have a friend visiting who understands the need for a workout and had her own things she wanted to do as well. Fit friends are more fun!

Sunday 1/22 - Hot Chocolate 15K

Sunday morning was the Atlanta Hot Chocolate 15K which I recapped for you last week. It was a super fun race and I enjoyed running a course that included so many neighborhoods and streets I have become a lot more familiar with since moving!

Monday 1/23 - Rest day

It was much needed!!!

Tuesday 1/24 - ITL Track Tuesday

After my day off and a fun weekend with my friends, I returned Tuesday morning to regularly scheduled programming with ITL Track Tuesday.  This was a workout that intimidated me a little bit going into it. I was still a little sore from Sunday (apparently I had gone harder than I realized and held some soreness in my legs) and when I saw the prescribed workout it was nothing I had done before. It consisted of a number of 400s, 300s, 200s, and 100s. I have never in my life done intervals that short and was very new to this type of workout. I was unsure of how to pace myself but decided to just go for it and use it as a baseline for the future.

I have come to love the feeling of pushing myself in a workout to feeling out of breathe and pushed myself this workout, feeling really proud when I did eventually look at the splits of my different intervals. I had done a good job pacing myself, ran hard, and I felt was pretty consistent with what I was trying to do.

The bad part was that after this workout was over, I started to feel some pain in my right hip. It didn't hurt while I was running but once I started it felt a bit inflamed and sore. It felt similar to what I had felt a couple years ago and decided to try and make an appointment at the chiropractor as soon as possible. The chiro had been a part of my recipe for recovery in 2015 so I made an appointment for that same day and in the afternoon went in to be adjusted.

He told me that he didn't think it was bad and that I didn't need to necessarily stop working out, and gave me some exercises to consider doing.

Wednesday 1/25 - AM 2800M Swim + PM 45 minute boxing class

I got in a workout in the morning with swim practice, although I had to jump out of the pool a bit early. Usually I swim from 6-7:20 a.m. but I had a 7:00 a.m. call. I got in the water a few minutes early and bolted right at 7:00 a.m. to take my call then get ready for work.

In the evening, I went to a boxing class with Brick at the gym. We have been trying to coordinate going to this class for weeks and I was excited we were finally able to make it work! She came as a guest with me to my gym and we boxed away for 45 minutes.

Thursday 1/26 - 6 mile run

It's always a good morning when I run with friends and Thursday was no different, running with Janet and Kristin - who started off her birthday with a run! I did a couple miles on my own and then met up with the girls for 4 more. I was very careful to go easy as my hip was still tender and I didn't want to aggrevate it further. It didn't hurt too bad or anything while we ran so I was hopeful that whatever was going on was on the mend.

Friday 1/27 - AM 2200M swim + PM 1.5 hour trainer ride

This morning I did NOT want to be swimming!! I stayed out a bit too late the night before and may have had a drink too many so getting in the water was tough. I was actually a bit relieved that I had another 7:00 a.m. call for work this morning so I had to jump out of the pool early and not finish the workout. In addition to not feeling my finest, I also kept thinking about the fact that I still had 1.5 hours to ride on the trainer in the evening that I wasn't looking forward to.

I did my evening ride and then my friend Janet came over and we watched a movie and both fell asleep on the couch immediately. Being 30 is pretty cool.

Saturday 1/28 - 2.5 hour bike ride

Going outdoors for a bike ride on Saturday was debatable for me. The group I am getting my coaching with now, ITL, was doing a group ride at 9:30 a.m. but forecasts said the temperature was going to be in the high 30s/low 40s and I was very worried about what that temperature would feel like on the bike. Another group was doing an afternoon ride on a much more boring and gruesome route, and the other option was to ride indoors on the trainer.

I made the commitment to go outside and changed my trainer tire on my bike to my road tire and went out on Saturday morning to meet the group for a 2.5 hour ride which ended up being 37.4 miles for me.

Honestly, the ride was tough but it didn't end up being because of the cold. That was what was really making me nervous going into the ride, but once I got going and the sun was on me, it truly didn't bother me that much. However, I just felt slow and sluggish in general. I felt like I didn't have a lot of strength on the bike and that I was way behind where I was at the end of last year. It was cold and windy, but I still ended the ride feeling a bit frustrated with myself. Hopefully it only gets better from here!

Sunday 1/29 - 10.5 mile run with friends

Sunday was another cold day, but when I started the sun was shining and it actually didn't feel too bad. I ran to one of my friend's houses and met up with her and 4 others and we all set out on a route that she'd put together to help train for the Publix full marathon. Her and one other person were doing  an 18-mile route and the others and I modified it to be a bit shorter.

There was some starting and stopping and I was running a bit faster than their long run pace so ended up doubling back a few times. I had some pain in my hip in the beginning but it started to go away as I began running steady so decided to just keep going with that and not let myself stop. Towards the end it got a bit strenuous and I eventually ended at 10.5 miles. I felt a bit proud of myself for going half a mile extra until I realized that my coach had actually advised me to do 10-12 miles... woops.

On other days, I would have probably been stubborn and determined to go out and run the 1.5 miles more, but I gave in for the day and stayed inside. I had already drank a full coffee by the time I realized my mistake.

Monday 1/30 - 3400M Swim

Given that my hip was feeling sore from the Sunday run, I was happy that my schedule only had a Monday swim on it. I did 3400 meters of a bit of endurance swim and in the evening went over to my friend Nikki to get a sports massage to help with the hip. She really, really worked on it and dug into it and I came home to ice and take an epsom salt bath before going to bed.

Tuesday 1/31 - ITL Track Tuesday

When I woke up this morning, I felt fine. I was wondering if going to track would be a good idea but I am stubborn, so I decided to just give it a shot. Walking around, it felt okay - it wasn't sore or anything. So I hoped I was good. However, as soon as I started running my warmup mile at the track, I thought, oh heck, this is not good.

The pain started right away and it was cold outside, which tends to make things worse for me.

I did a mile warmup and it did subside a little once I got going. I decided to wait and see what the workout was and play it by ear if I did complete it. I didn't want to be a quitter and didn't want to feel embarassed leaving in the middle of a track workout either.

The plan for the day was a series of 1600s with 400s in between and 400s rest. I set out to do the first 1600 at the allotted pace and really just couldn't push hard. I had to just give it a bit of a push on the pace, but nothing really aggressive. I did my first 1600 fine and then 100 meters into my first 400 I realized I just couldn't run that hard. I figured it would be good enough to just do the 1600 portion of the workout and was able to maintain a somewhat fine pace for the first 2 but when I started my third one it really hurt and I felt like it was affecting my stride. I pulled back on the pace completely and at the end of the 1600 just threw in the towel for the day. I ended with about 4.5 miles of running but feeling completely defeated.

I drove to the gym and then when I walked inside was so stiff I felt like I was walking with a little bit of a limp. Great job Katelyn.

I know that the sports massages can make things a bit painful the day after so I probably shouldn't have tried to exercise. I reluctantly texted my coach telling him that it was probably best to take a week off from running and I made plans to return to the chiropractor. I am icing and soaking tonight and this week and hoping that it just needs a little bit of time.

I want nothing more than to be working out hard right now so this is definitely a setback and an agitation for me in multiple ways. Hopefully being smart and resting now helps me in the long run.

Hope you had a great January and are ready for whatever February brings!

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