Sunday, March 19, 2017

First Part of March Training Update

It's been a good month so far. I am back to feeling strong, managing through any pain in my hip, and trying new things that push me outside of my comfort zone and hopefully to being a better athlete. I'm writing today after a weekend high of a long, tough bike ride and a fast half marathon time with the whole city of Atlanta. I am feeling really optimistic for the next part of training and thankful for all the people that I have in my corner.

Wednesday, March 1 - AM 3200 m swim + PM 1:10 trainer ride

Wednesdays have tended to be my workout of the week with long days and doubles. This one was no exception! The swim workout in the morning involved a lot of drill work and in the evening I did a ride on the trainer that was tough for me mentally. I didn't really feel like doing it and it was a struggle to get myself to focus so I was proud that I even did the ride at all. I'm not one to skip things but sometimes I am really tempted.

I rode next to the open door while there was a thunderstorm outside and listened to podcasts about real life murders. Good times in the life of training.

Thursday, March 2 - AM 4 mile run + PM 1:15 trainer ride

The morning run was great and I ran with my friend Heather who lives in the same building as I do. It was pretty awesome to just meet someone right outside our front doors and go for a morning run on the beltline, chatting the whole time and return to the same place. Super easy and fun! We've been running together in groups for a while but my first time really running and chatting with Heather, so I enjoyed that. My pace felt slow and not super fast but with a tough effort, so I was disappointed with that but happy with the run overall.

In the evening, I was back on the trainer and had a hard time getting focused but just stuck it out and got it done. I felt off both nights on the trainer this week but oh well. It's still amazing to me that I am able to get myself to spend so much time on the dang thing!

I also was able to find a way to squeeze in some midday extra workout while doing a wall sit waiting for the microwave to heat up my food. It's the little things!

Friday, March 3 - PM 3000m swim + 30 minutes strength

Since I was feeling tired from the past two days, I let myself sleep in on Friday morning. Instead of getting up for swim practice, I went to the gym in the evening and did a short strength workout and then did my swim workout on my own. It was a really tough workout and I had to modify it a bit but was proud of myself for getting it done and pushing hard - even while working out in the pool solo.

Part of the reason I moved my swim to the evening was also because I was attending an event there in the evening. We had a party at the gym and so I actually was there way into the evening that night.I love my gym and all the things that they do for the members there! I felt really strong and good about myself this evening and enjoyed taking not-the-normal-gym-selfies that I usually take.

Saturday, March 4 - Bike ride for 2:45 at Stone Mountain

You guys know the stories here. I had a tough bike doing loops at Stone Mountain for a total of 39.3 miles. I was proud of myself for mentally turning it around and changing my attitude, but it was a tough day!

Sunday, March 5 - Trail run for 1:30 at Kennesaw Mountain

This was my second time returning to Kennesaw Mountain for trail run and it went so much better. I pulled back on pace, went in better prepared, and enjoyed the moment I was in. Such a better time and was proud of myself for turning a tough experience into a good one.

Monday, March 6 - AM 4000m swim + PM 50 minute trainer ride

Monday started out tough with a long morning swim and a trainer ride in the evening. Planning ahead that I wouldn't be able to do much working out in the coming weekend, we kept a loaded week of workouts on the agenda. I felt good in the water but was exhausted by the end. There was a lot of pulling and drillwork involved so it was a lot of time in the water, but I was proud to have hit a milestone of 4000m.

In the evening, I felt strong on the trainer ride and wiped some of that exhaustion from the morning and the week before away. My legs felt heavy at the end but it went by fast. I was a sweaty mess at the end which means it is a good ride to me!

Tuesday, March 7 - AM Track workout (4.88 miles) + PM 45 minutes trainer ride

I started the morning at the track for the ITL Track Tuesday workout and I really enjoyed it and felt like I crushed the workout. The group running the Publix Half Marathon were told to run 3x1600 with a 400 recovery in between. You were to do the first at tempo pace, then 10K pace, then 5K pace. I felt like I really crushed the workout and did my miles in 8:00/7:42/7:23 and was so proud! I also loved that pre-daylight saving day, it was light out at the end of the track workout and I could actually see people around me.

In the evening, my workout seemed to take forever, even though it was only 45 minutes. It dragged on and on and I was worried I would crash but didn't too hard I don't think. Still was able to push a bit but was definitely feeling the fatigue from the double workouts after the tough weekend workouts.

Wednesday, March 8 - 2700 M morning swim

Not much to say here. Just got it done on a tired body.

Thursday, March 9 - 8 mile run

Since I was traveling home that evening, I did my longer run for the weekend on Thursday. It was my last workout in Atlanta before heading home. The goal was to take it super easy so I ran a number of the miles with my coach and with a few other friends in Brookhaven on Thursday morning. I enjoyed exploring a new route and finishing with Starbucks had me feeling very nostalgic for the days of running with Jess, Aubrey, Carley and Daniella in New York!

Friday, March 10 - 1 hour Peloton ride

I flew to New Hampshire the day before and had the day off of work to spend with my sister and her kids. Before spending the weekend wrangling babies, I was able to get in a 1 hour Peloton ride on my mom's bike. She had recommended a new trainer for me to try whose name was Jen and she went to Syracuse! I did one of her pre-recorded rides which was fun as she had good music to sing-a-long to and referenced my favorite school a number of times.

When I finished, I felt really proud of myself of the work I have been putting in and the dedication I've shown to my goals. My plan for the year was to "Focus" on my goals and I really feel like I have been, and having fun and balance with it. I felt good in my tri shorts this morning.

Saturday, March 11 - Rest day

Much needed!!! Although maybe I should have tracked the laps I ran around my sisters house chasing around my niece and nephew while babysitting!

Sunday, March 12 - 45 minutes strength

Another light day with just a 45 minute body weight workout in the basement that I stole while the babies slept. I was nervous about taking a full weekend off but after how this weekend went, I feel like it did me well and was happy for the break.

Monday, March 13 - PM 3800M swim + 30 minute run

After flying back to Atlanta on Monday morning, I headed into the office, then from the office to the gym. I was tired but it turned out that the workout was exactly what I needed. I was able to work out some frustration and anxiety in the pool and the 30 minute run flew by. I had to hold myself back because my coach's instructions were to take it very easy. I felt great in the water, was breathing heavy even after doing the workout alone, and the run was a fun mixup to go right from the pool to the treadmill. I felt very thankful to have fitness on this day!

Tuesday, March 14 - ITL Track Tuesday (3.58 miles)

This was a shorter track workout than usually since the group is tapering down for the Publix Half and Full Marathon this weekend. It felt strange to have a shorter workout but gave me time to do my stretching right away after the workout. I started to feel a bit nervous for the Publix Half Marathon on Tuesday and spent portions of the rest of the day trying to figure out a plan for it with my coach. I was unsure if I should taper down or keep going with tough workouts. I wanted to run the race well but also didn't want to skimp on other workouts for the week. I was unsure of what to do.

Oh and because of the time change, I was back to not being able to see anyone in the morning!

Wednesday, March 15 - AM 3300M swim + PM 50 minute trainer ride

I really liked the swim workout we did this morning with some fast 100s in the mix. Not a lot of the super fast people were at the pool this morning so it was just me and one other person who were doing them on the tougher time set. I was proud of myself for sticking with it and pushing it with the guys in the pool.

In the evening I had a 50 minute trainer ride that was pretty uneventful.  It included a pyramid workout and went by pretty fast. Besides that it was odd to be on the trainer with the sun out, it was a fairly normal workout Wednesday for me!

Thursday, March 16 - 4 mile easy run

I attended the Brookhaven morning run with ITL and had a great 4 mile run with one of the other athletes. I held back keeping it truly easy and enjoyed the conversation.  Following the run I did "strides" in the parking lot with some of the others finishing their workout.  These easy runs are usually between 10:00-10:30 pace for me and this one was no different!

Friday, March 17 - Rest day!

Felt a little odd to have a week with so many rest days, but I had a big weekend ahead!

Saturday, March 18 - 65 mile bike ride at Tour de Pike

Cold, rainy, windy - but so proud! I rode 65 miles at the Tour de Pike, which was an organized group ride in Concord, GA. Apparently half the people didn't even show up because of the weather forecast and others dropped out of the longer distance rides when the rain started.

This was my first real experience riding in the rain. I had a really hard time shifting my gears on my left side because my fingers were numb and slipping on the gear. I was nervous going into aero because the wind was bad and the roads were slippery. Plus, a lot of the roads we rode on had heavy car traffic and I just didn't feel comfortable. I was alone for a majority of the ride and it was tough mentally as I have been riding based off of time lately and the switch back to distance threw me off a bit. However, I got it done and I was super proud of myself.

I broke the ride into chunks based off of time. I tried to stay in the moment and comfortable on the bike. I enjoyed that I was riding in a new place with different scenery and it was actually quite beautiful when you could see through the rain. I distracted myself by trying to wiggle my toes and see if I could feel them. And I broke up the time by the number of different rest stops they had throughout the route. I found to keep pace with anyone I would see in my path and I rode for a while with one of the other ITL women who was about my pace.

For a while, I thought about dropping down but convinced myself to keep going knowing how good I would feel at the end of the weekend. I was really proud that I stuck it out and it was a really fun day. I carpooled with a friend, there was food and warm bathrooms at the end, and I had great conversation and got to know people better and at a different level. It was a tough but awesome training day!

Sunday, March 19 - 13.1 miles at Publix Half Marathon

A new PR!!! So, so happy. Such a fun day and one of my favorite races of the year that brings out the entire Atlanta running community. I ran the 13.1 miles in 1:55:55 and couldn't be happier. Full blog to come on the race!

I am feeling so positive going into the next part of training and could not have been happier with the past weekend. (I guess I could have done without that rain...)

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