Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's for dinner?

One of the new blogs I've started following A Running Tale recently posted an entry all about planning and scheduling meals.  I found myself writing a long response in the comments because I'd recently had this topic in my mind.  Just a couple of weeks ago the Weight Watchers weekly meeting topic was about this exact thing-- meal planning.

At the meeting, our leader asked the group, "Who here plans their meals?"  Without hesitation, I raised my hand.  Now, I always get quite a bit of teasing at the Weight Watchers meetings because I am seen as a bit of a teacher's pet since I follow the program very strictly.  However, my meal planning has nothing to do with Weight Watchers and what they suggest.  For as long as I can remember, as soon as I finished consuming one meal, my thoughts were already on the next.

Breakfast?  Done. What's for lunch? Lunch over? Do we have dinner plans yet? I am ALWAYS thinking about food!

When I plan meals, it also helps me to enjoy the meals more when I actually eat them.  I get excited thinking about my next meal throughout the day and savor the food as I have it.  Like today, I was very much looking forward to my latest spinach, chicken sausage, panko, and Parmesan cheese concoction I've been eating lately.  And yum, it did not disappoint! Recipe to come...!

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  1. Planning meals is the only way to go for me. It keep my budget and waistline in check! :)