Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Taco Tuesday: The tradition continues.

The summer before my senior year of college I lived in New York City for an internship.  It was a blast.  I had college friends, high school friends, and new friends all living in the same place, exploring one of the most exciting cities in the world together.  One night, some friends wanted to take us to a bar they knew of.  We arrived in a random hot dog stand, entered into a small phone booth in the hot dog shop, dialed a number, and then a door opened that led us into a private, windowless bar.  It was so fun!  Partially because of the perceived exclusivity and surprise of a hot dog shop with a phone booth entering into a swanky bar.

The next day I told some friends, NYU students who were NYC pros, about the hot dog shop-phone booth-bar and nobody believed me.  "Wow, Katie, you must have REALLY had a lot to drink last night." were the thoughts going through everyone's heads.  But I swear, it existed!  And a few years later, I received a text message from said NYU friend saying, "Oh my god. I just went to that hot dog shop-phone booth-bar you told me about years ago. I can't believe it actually exists!"

There is something fun and exciting, and surprising, about being "in the know" to unadvertised locations, events, or specials.  Whether it is an inside joke, secret hot dog bar, or some sort of surprise party -- nobody likes to be the last to know and it is better to be part of the exclusive "in" crowd than on the outside.

Well, tonight I was let in to what I believe is the Capital Region's "Secret Hot Dog Shop-Phone Booth-Bar."   No, I didn't find a broom closet in a pizza shop that led to a disco.  BUT, I was let in on a sneaky, unadvertised Tuesday night taco special.  Where certain tacos that usually run $10-13 dollars a piece sell for $2.00 each.  This unadvertised special doesn't pertain to every taco on the menu even.  It's quite a tricky situation.  I, feel lucky and privileged enough to have been passed on this secret tidbit of information from my colleagues this evening.  I had a delicious and FILLING meal for a total of $6.00. You really cannot beat that.

I'm not going to outright spoil the secret on here, but for those of you who are also in the know.  I may see you on the next "Taco Tuesday" because this will NOT be my last time stepping into this hot dog shop.


  1. Just curious, why keep it a secret?

    1. Must be awesome to be in the highly exclusive taco club!