Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Goal Recap: Celebrating the month!

Well, I started this month extremely ambitiously with a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish in the month of February.  I made a long list, knowing that I likely wouldn't get to all of them, but with the overall goal of keeping busy and staying focused on things that were important to me.  It comes as no surprise to me personally, and likely not to you either (since I disappeared for half the month!) that I was not able to check everything off the list.

However, rather than focus on the items I didn't achieve, I want to talk about some of my accomplishments of the month.  And in the spirit of "The Biggest Loser" and the season of "no excuses" I won't make excuses for the things that I didn't achieve, but I will say that partly it was because-- I went on vacation!!  Which, is something I will never apologize for :)  I spent 10 days in the beautiful, sunny state of California, which I will tell you all about in another post.  As for my accomplishments in February 2012:

- Increased cardio.  I had some really nice runs this month!  I ran outside a number of times and each time I did I ran further than the last time, ranging from 4.5-5.5 miles, which is GREAT for me.  I'm getting super excited for warmer weather and more opportunity to run outdoors.  As well, I will have to start training for the TRIATHLON that I signed up for!!

- Brought lunch to work every day.  I spent a lot of time this month focusing on meal planning, which is important to me, and making sure I had healthy lunches and dinners planned.  Although I did eat out for 10 days of the month while on vacation, I cooked and brought in lunches every day I was in the office!  And planning my meals meticulously was helped by the fact that I organized my recipe binder and also meant that I did not throw out any food this month!

- I gave up coffee.  I have a post planned for later this week that I meant to post earlier this month about why I will be a little more lenient with this resolution in coming months, however, I stayed coffee free the whole month.  I got a number of iced teas from Starbucks and brewed plenty of my own tea, but I am happy to say I stayed coffee-free and felt great the whole month.

- I also achieved a number of my smaller goals such as recycling bottles at the grocery store.  I celebrated my friends with cards for birthdays and Valentine's Day to hopefully let them know a little bit how much they mean to me.  I finished a book I was in the middle of, called "Honeymoon with My Brother."  I began and finished Monica Seles' autobiography "Getting a Grip."  And I am now in the middle of the book "First You Try Everything" by Jane McCafferty

I am proud of what I achieved this month and am working on pulling together my list of goals for March 2012.  It should be an exciting month for me as there are a lot of new things going on in my life.  I will hopefully share more about that in the future, as well as a recap of my vacation!

Happy Leap Day everybody and welcome to March :)

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