Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eating well on the West Coast

I haven't treated you well my blogging friends, but I will always return to you.  That promise I can keep.  I am loyal if nothing else.

Tonight I wanted to write about my trip to California and share some photos of the delicious food I had there.  It is no secret I love to travel.  And for me some of the most fun I have when traveling is trying new restaurants, new dishes, new local foods and well, over-indulging, to be quiet honest :)

My recent trip to California brought me to San Diego and LA.  I had a wonderful time exploring both cities, seeing friends, and simply relaxing in the sunshine.  San Diego has incredible Mexican influences in the food.  Los Angeles was somewhat of a melting pot with many international flavors and healthy options.    I loved every bite of food I had in both cities and that I was able to enjoy it with such wonderful friends.

Lettuce wraps.
Delicious margarita!
The white sauce on my shrimp enchiladas was to die for.
Chicken, vegetables and brown rice.
A take on eggs florentine.
A "spread" made for me by Diana my first night in L.A.
Asparagus risotto, caprese salad,  and an asian spinach salad.
A breakfast spread made by Diana

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  1. "The white sauce on my shrimp enchiladas was to die for." I have family in San Diego, if that is where the restaurant was please post it's name. Thanks