Thursday, October 9, 2014

8 Days Until Marathon #2 in Kansas City!

Hey everyone! Time for a marathon update.

Post Ragnar Relay, I have been on taper. I was back in Atlanta for a week and did 3 runs throughout my neighborhood in the mornings Monday, Wednesday, and Friday last week.

The runs were all “Eh” and hard to find the motivation for because when I run from my apartment in Atlanta, there are hills EVERYWHERE! I am going to either get really good at running hills or will need to discover some places to head that are a short drive away.

Friday evening I flew to Dallas, Texas, where I was lucky enough to be shown an incredible route to run around White Rock Lake for 12 miles.  The weather was cool, the trail was flat and wide.  The scenery was beautiful.  And I had a wonderful run there that left me feeling positive about the rest of my taper.  It was the last of my double digit runs until 26.2!  I am serious when I say I can barely believe how fast this marathon is approaching.

This week's runs took place in Dallas on Monday and then Juno Beach, Florida for the second half of the week.  It's hot and humid here (Florida) and I'm hoping that it is a bit nicer when I get back to Atlanta tomorrow.

So, with all of that technical stuff aside.  How am I feeling about the marathon?


Right now, I'm not as crazy nervous as I was right before the race last time-- but that could change.  However, I am a bit more scared as to how I will do.  I know that the adrenaline is going to be totally different between running my FIRST marathon in PARIS with 40,000 other people and running in Kansas City, Missouri with just a few thousand.  That whole, "Can I even do this?!?" excitement and fear won't be fueling me.

And I know I said this before, about how I gained weight right before the first marathon... well, this time it is true again but I had never lost that weight from the first marathon, so now it's even more.  Which, makes me nervous.

However, I am excited.  I am feeling good about how my training runs have been.  I am excited to be experiencing this marathon with different people and new adventures.  I am excited for it to be over and to celebrate and hopefully have a great runner's high.  I am looking forward to the weekend that I've been thinking about for months to finally be here.  And I am also excited for what comes after the marathon.  Trying new types of exercise, finding a new race goal, and new running groups, and new adventures.

But for the 8 days week -- all sights are set on Kansas City and running 26.2!  I'll try to check back in but wish me luck!!

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