Monday, October 13, 2014

The 1000 club.

Check me out, people. I'm blogging on a semi-regular basis!  Who is excited?!?

Well, race nerves have set in for sure!  This morning I got up for 3 miles and although it was just a random short run at the end of my taper, it was pretty monumental because I hit a big milestone today. I hit my target of running 1000 miles in 2014!!!

It's pretty cool to see that number on my RunKeeper app, and it's a little crazy because when I plugged that in at  the beginning of the year it was really just an estimate or "Hm, I wonder if I will ever reach this?" type of a thing.

This is the first year I have ever tracked my mileage and the only thing that I have to go off of in terms of what a yearly number would be is Jess's goal from last year.  Last October/November (I forget when it was exactly...) we all celebrated Jess's milestone of hitting her goal of running 750 miles for the year.  At the beginning of the year when she said she was going to have a goal of 1000 for this year, I figured I would plug that in to RunKeeper and see if I got anywhere near that myself.  I really had NO idea if it was realistic or not.  And here I am, on October 13, a week shy of my 2nd marathon and I have reached 1000!  Craziness!

So aside from that monumental moment, the run this morning was pretty eh.  When I looked at my pace after I finished, I immediately started trying to calculate numbers in my head trying to figure out what I might actually finish this marathon with.  However, the thing about running 26.2 miles is that there are SO MANY MILES and it's hard to figure out exactly when you will finish when your paces have been so all over the place like mine.

In the past few weeks I have run 6 miles in 8:47 pace; 13 miles at a 10:15 pace, or 3 miles at 11:15 pace like I did today.  I have no clue how I will do in this race and it's freaking me out a bit.  BUT, as I mentioned yesterday, the nerves are good nerves.  They help me be prepared.

Today I had a good day of eating healthy, real foods (except for some candy corn) and hydrating and being an overall healthy person (except for some candy corn) with both a run and an evening yoga class in.

After yoga, I went to dinner at a Thai restaurant with a couple friends so the day was filled with nourishment for the body and mind.  I mean, how cute is this restaurant?!

Yoga was really what I needed today as the class I've been going to on Monday nights in Atlanta is really great at long, deep stretches and not something that I normally feel sore from, but feel just really balanced and good all around after.  Not a bad way to spend the Monday before race day.  5 days til race day, everyone!!

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