Monday, December 1, 2014

Back to reality

Hey gang!  Just wanted to pop in for a quick post to let you know that my Asian adventure & Thanksgiving home with my family is complete and as I work on those recap posts for you, I wanted give a little insight as to what I'm up to.

I returned to Atlanta on Sunday 3 weeks after I left and am settling back into the new normal here.  I have a few solid weeks in Atlanta before the holidays come into place and I am using that time as a reset.

I titled this post "back to reality" not just physically, after coming back home, but also forcing myself to face the real situation that I've put myself in after being very lenient with my diet and exercise regime the past few months.

And yes, I ran a marathon in October, which is an incredible accomplishment, so I do not mean to put that lightly.  However, in the weeks, and even months, leading up to it, as I finalized plans to move, actually did move, etc. I just let myself slack with what I was eating.  I wasn't fueling for the race.  I was eating because I was stressed, tired, bored, socializing, anxious, etc. and I was eating JUNK.

My exercise also just consisted of the bare minimum for the most part with what I had on my training plan.  No strength training.  No cross training.  No workouts on my days off from running.  None of that.  Just all the food.

And post marathon it's been harder.  And traveling certainly hasn't helped.  And now, the reality that I have been putting off facing is that my clothes barely fit.  A lot of them don't at all.  I am sausage squeezing myself into my pants every day and I just feel very uncomfortable.  I am off my game with running.  Even one mile feels hard and a mental chore to get myself to do it.

And that's the reality I've set for myself.

So, I am back to counting Weight Watchers points.  I am on day 3.  And I am getting back into a routine of running.  I am participating for the second year now in the Runner's World Run Streak which challenges you to run at least 1 mile every day from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.

Right now, I am doing the bare minimum of one mile every day, but at least I am doing it.  I am going to join a gym in Atlanta finally.  Get back out to the running groups I looked up when I initially moved.  I am cooking more (made some awesome soups and healthy recipes this weekend!) and I am going to take care of myself.

I like feeling strong.  I like feeling energized.  I like not having to suck in, in order to button my pants.  I like feeling confident when I walk out the door every day.  And I like being healthy.

So here goes nothing!

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