Wednesday, December 10, 2014

So, am I skinny yet?

Well, it's now been a week and a half that I have been counting Weight Watchers points again - I started the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It's also Now been a full two weeks where I have run - at least one mile - every day, as part of the Runner's World Run Streak.  Last week on Tuesday, I went and joined the running group that I joined way back in August for their regular sprint workout (that left me sore for days.)

On Thursday I went to a Nike Training Club workout at the local Nike store, that I absolutely LOVED.  I did jumping jacks and squat jumps and burpees and high knees and push ups and lunges with a bunch of strangers to a live DJ (so cool.)

And on Saturday I officially joined the Atlanta running scene, making my debut at the SheMoves Reindeer Romp 5K.  It was RAINING.  A LOT.  And I still ran.

I thought they were giving out ornaments at the end of the race, and I wanted one, so I did it.  And then they didn't even have ornaments to give out. Ugh.

Then Sunday I joined a gym!  The gym comes with a few free personal training classes and I've gotten started right away.  I ran Monday.  Did a personal training session Tuesday.  Then today I ran 3 miles THEN did a group fitness weight training class!

And I've been eating healthy.  I made mushroom barley soup.  I made Emily's italian wedding soup and bubble up pizza recipes.  I have been eating smoothies and apples and carrot sticks and drinking lots of tea.

So, in totally logical sense, I expect an amazing transformation to have taken place in this past week and a half.  I should be skinny by now, right?  My clothes should be fitting better?  I should be able to run a sub 8-minute mile with ease, right?

Ugh, not yet.

Today I felt a bit disappointed that I wasn't seeing some drastic difference in my appearance (or really, how my pants button), which I know is totally irrational.  But I guess I just am anxious for that "feeling good" stage to come about.  Where you feel validated that what you're doing is working and you start to get a little pep in your step that motivates you to eat healthy and workout the next day!  I feel I'm going to need that as Christmas and Christmas cookies creep closer and closer.

BUT, I did feel really good on my run today.  And I am excited to be in a routine of going to the gym again and be scheduled and try new classes and have fun with exercise.

I'm going to sign out, but cheers to starting New Year's Resolutions early!

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