Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WTF Wednesday

I hope that Cely doesn't care that I am now regularly stealing this segment from here, but here is a bunch of random things for you this Wednesday.  Please enjoy!

1. The other day at work we were profiling some past advertisements and we brought up this two famous ads for men's body wash and were asked which advertisement we thought was most successful.  As in most cases where it is a bigger group and a question is asked, most people think of it as a hypothetical and may come up with an answer but keep it to themselves.  I, on the other hand, was very vocal (shocking, I know) about blurting out, "I liked A more!" -- which turned out to be the wrong answer.  The speaker continued to say, "Yes, this one, although memorable, was not successful because it did not try actually target male buyers.  Studies actually showed that it most resonated with single females - not buyers of men's body wash."  It was quite for a minute before I was like, "Welp, I guess that makes sense then..."

2.  After the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon a couple weekends ago, a bunch of people circulated an article about this 91-year old woman, Harriette Thompson, who became the oldest woman to finish a marathon!  Well, in addition to that amazing feat, she also has some other impressive accolades to her past as she is also a Syracuse University graduate!!  I love inspiring stories of marathoners and I also love hearing cool things that my fellow alumni are up to!  I am still proud that Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, was also a Syracuse girl!  We have some amazing marathoners in our ranks from SU!! Go Orange!

3. Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen the news about Bruce Jenner now going by Caitlyn Jenner and seeing the pictures on the front cover of Vanity Fair.   I just wanted to say that I've actually been presently surprised by the reactions of my friends and people on my newsfeed.  Usually I have a mix of opinions both ways and was nervous I would see some things that would make me want to unfriend people.  However instead I saw some great posts, thoughtful questions, and educational discussion!  I highly recommend this article by KO as well.

4.  I have been following posts and pictures of people participating in the AIDS Lifecycle.  The Lifecycle is a 7-day ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles that is fully supported and raises money and awareness for the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Maybe I am a little blinded by the excitement of riding my new bike... but this ride looks kinda fun.  I kinda want to do it someday!

5.  I did my first sprint triathlon of the season this past Sunday!  You may have seen my write up, but one thing that had me thinking was that I have worn the exact same race outfit for every single sprint triathlon I have done.  Do you think I should invest in a new outfit?  Yes?  No?  Who cares?  I am sort of at, "Who cares."

6.  You know how before I was taking a ton of pictures of the damn fountain at work?  Well lately what has replaced that I think is taking tons of pictures of the sky.  There has been some amazing sunsets and clouds and SKY lately and I keep taking pictures of it.  Most of them don't turn out nice because there is all sorts of other stuff in the way and in front of the sky.  But I keep taking the pictures anyways.

7.  The other day this image game through on my Instagram feed by a local spin studio and I was SO CONFUSED.  I thought that Instagram must have rolled out a new feature that allowed them to customize images with peoples names on them and stuff like that.  I was so surprised to see "Hi, Katelyn" with my name spelled correctly and everything that I totally thought it was some sort of promotion that only I was seeing.  But then I realized that I was wrong and it was just the girl's name and I am not that unique and other people spell their name that way.  This is all.

8.  This past weekend I had a blast going to my first WNBA game ever, which was the Atlanta Dream's home opener at the Philips Arena in Atlanta.  I had a blast with my friends there and I have so many pictures to share, but one of which is of the two "celebrities" who were sitting courtside at the game.  One of which is R&B singer Bobby Valentino and the other is Dikembe Mutombo, NBA Hall of Famer.  There were a few times when both guys would stand up to cheer or yell at a call that was made and the height difference was hysterical.  Dikembe is 7'2" and Bobby is 5'3".  And in case you are wondering, I had no idea who either of these people were until someone informed me.

9.  I had a couple of friends over for dinner on Saturday night and cooked for them.  I forgot how much I love to entertain and have people over.  I definitely need to find more opportunities to do that!

10.  In a few weeks I will get to go back and visit Schenectady for a couple nights.  I AM SO EXCITED to see my friends Heidi and Dave and meet their baby.  You may have remembered them back from all the blogs of past when I was living in Albany and even stayed with them for a few weeks in the transition of moving.  They have been such amazing friends over the years, my surrogate "parents" in Albany, and it has killed me that I haven't met their baby yet that was born in March.  I never wrote about it, because why would I, but I have spent so much time with Heidi throughout the pregnancy and hated that I missed the things at the very end.  I miss them both so much and I am counting down the days to meet little Finn!!!!

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