Friday, October 2, 2015

Five things on a Friday

Let's get into it, shall we?

1.  I decided to part my hair on the other side of my head this week.  Someone asked me why I wear my hair on the side of my head that I do and I didn't really have an answer besides, "It's the side I always wear my hair on!"  Nothing upsets me more at work if someone gives the answer, "Well, that's the way we always do it." so I knew I needed to challenge myself and wore my hair a few times on the other side of my head.  I thought things would be life changing.  But it was pretty much the same.  Nobody noticed.  Yet I felt like I felt my clothes on backwards all day.  Ho hum!

2.  I tried this week to go back to eating real home cooked food after being away for a week.  I roasted brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, onion, cut up berries, bought a rotisserie chicken (kinda cheating), and also made some soup.  I started out making a mushroom barley soup but then realized that I had a block of frozen chopped spinach in the freezer and just threw that into the soup as well.  I felt like it would taste good and I was definitely right!  I was so happy with how this soup came out.  I like my soups really thick and this was totally delicious.  Sometimes I impress myself when I make things on a whim and they turn out well.  I decided to do it with vegetable broth, I randomly threw in some chicken, I forgot garlic at first so threw in a few cloves whole to simmer with the soup, etc. etc.  And it ended up SO yummy.  I've loved eating this all week.  It may not be pretty but it was good!

3.  I pulled out my boots and wore them for the first time this week, woooo!!! I loooove boot weather more than anything in the world.  I love wearing boots.  I went to pull a pair of socks out of my drawer to put on with the boots and they were a Valentine's Day themed pair and for a split second was like, "Eh, maybe I shouldn't...." but then figured, oh, who cares.  To be honest, I love holiday themed socks and I wear them year round regardless of the holiday season.  However, this day it made me laugh because when I went to pull the boots on, I realized that a pair of socks from last season was still shoved inside of the boots and then when I pulled them out I realized it was ANOTHER pair of Valentine's Day themed socks.  Yeah, guess I do wear those a lot!

4.  When I was just home, my mom gave me a running skirt as a present because she loves me and she is awesome.  I wore it on Thursday morning on my run and I actually really loved it!  I have always been tempted to buy one but never did.  It felt really comfortable to wear, very airy, and very good for a hot day.  I also thought it looked kind of cute.  I want more now!

5.  Anyone else who trains for races out there, do you keep a calendar?  At the start of any training cycle I print out and make a plan for myself and keep it at my desk at work.  I get such a thrill of checking off each of the boxes.  It is fun for me to see the progression over the weeks.  Right now, I'm in a little bit of awe of how far along on my training I have already gone.  This year has been flying by and in many ways I feel like I just started training for this marathon.  I've come so far with my goals for the year and this is my third and final race goal of the year and I can't believe it is 10 days away!

I'm also a total nerd and have all my previous race calendars at my desk.  I keep them there and love them at my desk.  I pull them out every now and then.  It is amazing to see how far I have come.

Plus ONE EXTRA, because it is Friday....

#6 Bonus:

I don't know if I'm just really into the music on the radio lately or if adrenaline is already pulsing through me for the race or if I've just been in a good mood... but I've been having some SERIOUS car dance parties lately.  ALL OUT dance parties in my car. And I've been loving it.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. 1. OMG, you are so brave. i don't think i could switch part sides, especially because my hairdresser always asks me which side I part on and so now i'm convinced that it HAS to be that way or else my head will fall off or something.

    2. that soup looks delicious, but rotisserie chicken is so not cheating. fried chicken? maybe. but just maybe.

    3. ditto on boots and holiday socks! this is the best time of year.

    4. moms who buy things are the best. i was just discussing with someone the other day how every time i come home, nance has something else waiting for me. sometimes it's a bottle of coke with my name on it; sometimes it's an ADORABLE calvin klein dress for work. moms who buy random presents are in a league of their own and we are so lucky to have them. ps: whoa skinny legs.

    5. remember when your training program was a couch to 5k? you're amazing.

    1. I love you Kimmy, thanks for all of this!! Seriously, every comment is better than the last and yes, yes, I remember training for a 5K. It's what makes this all so crazy and even more meaningful for me. XO