Sunday, April 24, 2016

Workout Recap: 4 Weeks out From Half Ironman Chattanooga

This past week I was out in San Francisco for work, which made swim and bike off the workout menu, and some hills were added to my run schedule. I made a commitment to get in 4 runs while I was there, including one long run. I got out four times, but my long run didn't go exactly as planned and I wasn't able to get on the bike when I returned. It was a little bit of a frustrating week and I honestly start to panic when I think about what I have coming up in the next two weeks as well.

Doing the best I can and trying to keep my stress levels down and positivity high. Two aspects of training that are important but often overlooked!  Here is my workout recap from the week.

Monday, April 18 - Rest Day.

I was still wiped from the weekend and was up late packing to fly out on Monday evening. I chose to sleep in on Monday morning rather than stress myself out trying to get in a swim practice that would only be a portion of a swim anyways.

Tuesday, April 19 - 3.1 mile run (9:56 min/mile at 30:48)

After arriving late the night before, getting up early to be at work, working a full day, sitting in traffic on the Bay Bridge to return to the city, then Ubering home... the last thing I wanted to do was run. However, I forced myself out for 3 miles of hills in San Francisco. Good thing it is pretty here!

Wednesday, April 20 - 6 mile run (10:20 min/mile at 1:02:12)

Knowing I had a full day of work and then a dinner with a vendor, I got up and out early for a 6 mile run. I felt surprisingly good!

Thursday, April 21 - Rest day

I had a breakfast meeting that started at 7:30 a.m. and a full day of work and dinner/drinks planned again, so I decided to shift my run from Thursday to Friday. I needed the extra sleep Thursday morning.

Friday, April 22 - 3 mile run (9:54 min/mile at 29:52)

At this point in the week, my uncles that I was staying with were concerned at how little I rest. After being up at the crack of dawn (I needed to be in the office, which is 45 minutes away, by 7:00 a.m.) I returned home from work, did a quick 30 minute run, before showering and changing and being out the door again to meet friends for a Giants game. At least I got it in!

Saturday, April 23 - 10.25 mile run (10:34 min/mile at 1:43:27)

Soo.... I drank a little too much at that Giants game. And at the bar afterwards. Saturday morning sucked and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get out at all. I took some Advil, a short power nap, and head out around noon. I ran down Market Street in San Francisco to the Embarcadero to run along the bay and near the AT&T Stadium where the Giants play - which is exactly where I'd been the night before. I was having some serious problems with lotion or something I had on my face running into my eyes and burning my eyes. I basically was running with my eyes closed. I started to fall apart around 8.5 miles after I had stopped for some water.

I'm getting really worried about my runs lately because they have been feeling terrible and I haven't been in the game mentally. This is the second week in a row that my long runs have ended with me walking and returning home defeated.

Sunday, April 24 - Rest day

My plan was to get home and ride my bike 60 miles. Then I realized that wasn't a good idea so I decided to adjust weekends and make this a recovery weekend and do 90 minutes on the bike.

I flew back from Atlanta at 7:30 a.m. then landed in Atlanta at 3:00 p.m., returned home at 4:30 p.m. and was over at the Silver Comet about to hop on the bike at 5:00 p.m.  I was about to mount the bike and I realized that my back tire was completely flat. I had forgotten to put air in my tires before I left the house (which is something I usually do every time before I ride) and that I hadn't even brought the air pump. I turned around and drove home and filled the tire, but got really worried that there was a slow leak in the bike tire. I wanted to go out and ride, but I get nervous riding in the evenings on the Silver Comet and my cell phone was also at about 25% power.  Which, with my phone means it could literally die at any moment. I started getting paranoid about being stranded on the trail with a flat tire, so I opted to just skip the bike.

Overall, I am proud of myself to sticking to getting in 4 runs while in San Francisco this week. The hills are no joke and my schedule was pretty busy this week so I was proud to fit it all in. It is hard to not be disappointed with my long run being so poor and not getting a bike in today but I'm trying to be smart about what is healthy and what isn't healthy. I foam rolled and stretched tonight to try and ease my achey legs and hoping to try again on the bike tomorrow!

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