Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Recommendations from a proud friend

I have some pretty amazing friends in my life. Since childhood, I've been surrounded by a strong group of friends who have in addition to making making life a whole lot of fun, impress me all the time. Over and over again I find myself proud to know the people I know and all the things they accomplish. I keep being tempted to share/recommend these different things on Facebook or social media, and in lieu of that I wanted to do a blog to round up the fun and cool things that I have been enjoying recently. They are made especially awesome by the fact that they are products of super awesome people in my life!

First off, are you guys as big fans of Tasty videos as I am? I love those things. I constantly find myself getting sucked into watching the videos when they scroll through my feed and love that Tasty started a massive trend with these things. I particularly love that they also have Tasty Jr. with recipes that are particularly suited for young chefs. Recently, they've put out cookbooks that you can order with the recipes - which is amazing on its own - but even more amazing as it was illustrated by one of my best friends, Kate. Order your cookbook today!

Another friend of the same name, is doing super awesome things in her own field. You remember KO from the incredible work she has been a part of and the book she wrote Everyday Ambassador, and what I may not have mentioned is that she is in medical school. Recently, KO had a peer reviewed paper published and is working on her second book. I love that she is looking into lesser talked about sides of the medical world such as how emotions, empathy, etc. play into your physical health. Her article "Does Loneliness Contribute to Morbidity and Mortality" is just the beginning for her and I cannot wait to see what other conversations she begins in this arena. You are a rockstar, KO, and am always learning from you. Read her article here.

I've mentioned recently that I have been training with a group called ITL Coaching. One of the coaches that is a part of the group, who runs the Tuesday morning track workouts, George, also puts together a podcast. It is sponsored by the group but really is the work of George. I love it and I have not only been listening to all of the current podcasts that come out, but I have been going back to the beginning and listening to all of the originals. I have listened to a lot of running and triathlon podcasts over the past couple of years and this one is definitely one of my favorites. George is really knowledgeable, includes great guests, incorporates news from the parts of running or sports worlds I otherwise wouldn't know about, and I always learn something new. I highly recommend you all check out The Most Pleasant Exhaustion podcast and let George know what you think on Twitter!

Okay, so this one I have written about before but it deserves additional shoutouts and recommendations. One of my good friends in Atlanta, Nikki, I met through running with Movers and Pacers and first got to know her during Runcation. In addition to being amazingly fun and supportive - she is also an incredible, incredible masseuse. I have been getting massages from Nikki for the past couple of years, going regularly since September 2015, when Nikki helped me to get ready for Chicago Marathon. Which... if you remember, I did with no pain after a weeks of injury and broke 4 hours! She also gave me a massage right before running Publix this year and has been a big help in overcoming my injury this time around. There is nobody that I would trust more than Nikki with my sports massage. For anyone in Atlanta that is looking for an incredible sports massage or just any sort of stress relief massage, you have to go see her KnottiKneads at her location by Perimeter Mall in Atlanta.

Okay and this final one, I have no connection to whatsoever but I NEEDED the chance to recommend this stuff to you guys. I am OBSESSED with this "Everything but the Bagel" seasoning from Trader Joe's. OBSESSED. I have never been a crazy TJ's fan but do think they have some great products. It wasn't until this stuff came out that I ever felt like I needed to go directly to Trader Joe's to buy anything. I saw it and I had to have it and it did not disappoint. I put this on everything... eggs, avocado toast, roasted sweet potatoes, and I even love it mixed into store bought hummus. I can't stop eating it and you should all go buy it immediately.

I am sure there is more, as I am continually impressed and amazed by my friends on a daily basis but these were a few things I have been wanting to recommend lately. I know I am missing out on so much and even all my friends that I didn't specifically call out here, you all impress and amaze me every day. Let me know what you think if you try/listen/use any of these things as I want to hear! Love, love, love everything above!

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