Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Shameless Best Friend Promo: Buy Everyday Ambassador Today!

Hey everyone, I would like to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of the next installment of my Phoenix trip to give a small shameless plug of a new book that was released today called "Everyday Ambassador: Make A Difference By Connecting In A Disconnected World!"

"Why?" you ask.  Because it was written by my very best friend and frequent face on the blog, Ms. KO!!

Words cannot express how proud I am of my friend and the fact that today, in book stores across the country, a real life book written by my friend is on the shelves.  That on Amazon.com the book is right now listed as the #1 Best Seller in both the "Philanthropy & Charity" sections AND the "Civics & Citizenship" sections.  It also is SOLD OUT on Amazon!!!

I don't often share the details of other people's lives on my blog.  It is a pretty firm rule I have.  I write a lot about my own life, and therefore the people in my life are often featured.  However, I do my best to maintain their privacy and not share too much.  However, I need to break that rule to do a little bit of a brag about KO.  And I will use her real name, since I am promoting her book, so there isn't much to hide here.  Plus, I already dedicated solo posts to her and her participation in the Jubilee Project video on "The end of AIDS," previously on here, so not much is new!

Kate Otto is one of the most hard working people I have ever met in my entire life.  She has dedicated her life to making this world a better place and has spent the past more than 10 years working in public health.  I count back more than just the time since we have been out of college, because she has been working in this space long before she officially earned her Masters Degree in Health Policy and undergrad degree in International Relations.  However, since then, she has been working jobs dedicated to improving health care around the world for women in rural communities without access to doctors, breaking down stigmas around HIV/AIDs around the world, initiating projects around education of ebola in West Africa, and so much more.  She has also been taking classes, studying for MCATs, applying to, and then this past year, starting medical school.

She has been writing a book, building a community, and traveling the world speaking about her cause of "Everyday Ambassadors" for the past few years on top of all of that.

And on top of all of that, she has been available to me, as my best friend, for phone calls and text messages about boys, breakups, stress at work, anxiety, loneliness, and all topics that seem so trivial compared to what she is working towards every day.  On top of all of that, she has always made every effort possible to make visits happen, be at bachelorette parties and wedding showers, and 5K races.  I have woken up to finding Kate on her laptop working on "book stuff" after pretty much every single gathering I have been to with her the past years.

She is the hardest working, most dedicated, smart, passionate, and fun person I have ever met and I am so proud of her and so grateful to be able to call her a friend.  She is always there for me, always able to make me laugh, knows when to give me tough love, is ALWAYS down for whatever ridiculous idea I come up with.  She is my best friend and makeshift sister and has been that way since as long as I can remember.  And today, she officially becomes a published author!

My copy of the book was on pre-order and should arrive later this week, but I couldn't stop myself from going to the store today and building two more copies of the book as well.

Please check out the book if you are inclined!  In case you forgot all the wonderful times you've heard about KO on the blog... let me remind you of the time she visited Albany and we surprised her with Teenie coming to town.  Or the next time she visited that summer and we saw our lover, John Mayer, in concert in Saratoga.  And then, of course, any time that we ran a Gobble Wobble Thanksgiving Day 5K or got together for events with the group of friends I have had since kindergarten like E's bachelorette party, getting together for weekends in Boston,  or even just this past weekend with Meaggie's wedding shower.  The memories and appearances on the blog are endless.  I am so proud of Kate and cannot wait to finish up this blog and go start the book!!!!

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