Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Change of Plans

Generation Y is notorious for changing their minds. It is said that college students will change their majors 2-3 times, young professionals are changing their jobs every 1-2 years, and we're constantly changing everything from hair color to sexual preferences to relationships. It is only expected that we change our minds about what to eat.

As I mentioned earlier, I generally just buy the basics when I do my weekly grocery shopping trips. I am probably abnormal from my many people my age in the fact that I have a very routine grocery shopping regimen. Every Sunday is my grocery shopping day and I stock up on lunch options, snacks, beverages, etc. There are some regular things like yogurt, fruit, vegetables, Fiber One bars (Oats & Chocolate are my favorite), and pudding that I always buy and eat throughout the week for breakfast and lunch. However, I have a very hard time determining on Sunday what I want to eat throughout the week for dinner. I find that whenever I TRY to make a decision and buy ingredients for a certain dish or meal, I end up changing my mind and not using what I bought.

Tonight for example, I had planned to have leftover chicken from a roasted chicken I bought this week and some broccoli for dinner. Not too glamorous, but it would have been a quick and really delicious meal. However, instead I got a text message from one of my roommates while I was on my way home... "Want to order out tonight? I'm craving Indian food."

Now, I had not been craving Indian food myself... but I changed my mind. Many forkfuls of rice mixed with palak paneer (and far too many calories) later, my leftover chicken and uncooked broccoli is still sitting in the fridge.

Hopefully I get through that by the end of the week...

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  1. That is the story of my life! (and i'm sure many others) how to balance a planned out cheaper, healthy dinner from the grocery store and a social life and dinners out with friends?