Friday, October 9, 2009

Truffled french fries? Yes, please!

On Tuesday of this week I went out to lunch with my team from work to a newly reopened restaurant in Schenectady called The Van Dyck. Although the entire meal was really delicious and I enjoyed all of the food, I have to say, one item on the menu stuck out. And that delicious and savory item was a little thing called truffled french fries.

Truffled french fries? Have you ever heard of this before? Because it is the first time I have seen them on the menu and I found it quite exciting.

My love of all foods involving "truffle" began when I studied abroad in Florence. My friends and I discovered the most delicious meal of all time that involved a pasta served in a "cappelo" of pasta with a sauce made with gorgonzola cheese, asparagus, and truffles. It is simply amazing and it wasn't until trying a pizza made with truffle oil at a different restaurant that we realized... it was the truffle that made the pasta dish absolutely divine.

So truffled french fries? Yes, please! I highly recommend.

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  1. Love it so far! Waiting for the entry about how you miss your mom's cooking now that you're all grown up!! How about the best and worst of Mom's cooking? Be nice.