Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lazy dinner.

I love to cook.  That's not a secret.  But I don't like to cook EVERY night.  Because sometimes I'm lazy and sometimes I'm tired.  And on those nights, I like someone else to do the work for me.

One of my favorite busy-night meals requires about 1% preparation on my part and 99% preparation by the grocery store.  A quick, delicious, and healthy option for busy nights I find to be steamed vegetable dumplings from the grocery store.  I love a variety from Price-Rite that is a spinach dumpling filled with spinach, tofu, and additional vegetables.  They come steamed and ready to serve, sometimes I just heat them up in the microwave, but my favorite way to eat them is to toast them over the stove in a fry pan just sprayed with some Pam: Olive Oil.

Another grocery store favorite of mine is broccoli cole slaw.  It is shaved broccoli and carrots and I find it to be perfectly crunchy and delicious.  Combined together, this is a meal made in lazy people heaven.  To prep this super easy meal, all you must do is:

1.  Open container of steamed dumplings and put 6 in a fry pan, sprayed with Pam, over medium heat.
2.  Open bag of broccoli slaw and pour onto a plate
3.  Keep turning the dumplings in the pan so they are lightly browned and toasted on all sides
4.  Put dumplings on top of slaw
5.  Drizzle the whole thing with olive oil and low sodium soy sauce.
Total prep time: 5 minutes.


Does anybody know how to rotate these images??

It didn't take long for that plate to look like this...

Probably not long enough.  I should work on eating slower...

Anyways, next time you are having a busy weeknight I recommend you pick up a bag of broccoli slaw and some grocery store steamed dumplings.  Healthy, super fast, and delicious.


  1. I LOVE broccoli slaw!

  2. "this is a meal made in lazy people heaven." HILARIOUS! You are such a wonderful blogger! The only thing you missed in the above was mentioning this is a vegan dish! I will definitely be referring to your blog in my "favorite" section of Who Needs Cheese, once I find the time to get it up and running! Keep blogging and cooking, you are an inspiration!


  3. YUM! I may start eating this everyday for lunch AND dinner!