Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Learning to run in the rain.

Hi everyone, this will be a quick post for me but I just wanted to check in and say hello and happy Thanksgiving!  I also wanted to tell you about the most ridiculous run we had this morning.  Weather last night said a 100% chance of rain and when I woke up and headed out the door this morning, it was no lie.  The couple inches of snow we had received yesterday had been rained on all night and the ground was a slushy mess with more rain/freezing rain coming down.  The weather said something around 35 degrees.

As I jumped in my car I sent the following text to my friends:

Yup, these are my friends.  We are nuts.

So, the morning started wacky and continued because I made the mistake of going to the wrong place this morning.  We meet at a certain place on Mondays and Fridays and at another location on Wednesdays.  Since tomorrow is a holiday and today is technically "Friday" I had gone to the wrong location.  However, it took me a while to figure out and I sat there for about 10 minutes waiting for my friends to show up.  While I was there waiting, I got another text message from Jess with this quote.  I am not going to lie, it was exactly what I needed to read.

Side note: I was also totally distracted by a new Christmas tree that I saw from the parking lot of our run.  I actually took a picture of it, and this is what it came out like.  Beautiful, huh?

When I actually figured out where I was supposed to be and went over to the other location, I found my friends waiting for ME.  Woops :)  AND, to my excitement, we had a newbie join our group, our friend Erin, who decided to come out for an AM run.

Well guys, I was proud of the 12 degree run we did on Monday, BUT, Monday's run was nirvana compared to this morning.  We ran 3 miles through cold, wet, inches-deep SLUSH.  With more rain coming down.  It was nuts.  My feet were frozen.  I couldn't feel them at all and the only way I knew they were actually still moving was the noise of the slush and splashing as I kept running.  We did 3 miles that way and I was so happy and PROUD to be done!!  Seriously, I could have never done that on my own and I feel totally tough for sticking it out.

I really, really wanted to just stop as soon as the wet slushiness started but my friend kept going so I did too.  I asked them at one point, "Hey guys, my toes won't actually fall off, right?  Is there a chance of me losing my feet in this run?"  They told me no, and to keep running.  I also laughed at and was so proud of our friend Erin who just joined us for the first time today.  I told her that we had some momentum of our morning runs that I think helped keep us going... whereas she chose the grossest morning to get out and join us.  Please come back and run again Erin!! You are amazing!!

We were all a little giddy/high from the run I think and it made for a fun coffee trip afterwards and fun morning overall.  (Did I seriously just describe a run in 35 degree weather through rain and slush?  What the heck?)

I swear, coffee never tasted so good!

Hopefully Starbucks didn't mind us taking off our shoes, rubbing our feet to warm up, and all over melting throughout the store :)

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