Tuesday, February 9, 2016

10 Random Things on a Tuesday

Here is a lovely little random list for you of some things that have been on my mind.

1.  The other day when I got home in the evening there was a creepy raccoon that was standing between me and getting inside to my apartment.  I really was NOT a fan of this situation whatsoever and I didn't know what exactly to do.  I stomped my feet and tried to make noise at him to scare him away.  But he just stood there and stared back at me for what felt like way too long.   The next morning, as I left early in the morning to walk to my car, right at the same spot where I saw the raccoon, a big tree branch fell from the tree and hit me right in the head.  I don't know if raccoons can climb trees, but I am pretty sure that little guy was up there and threw that tree at me.  Talk about a wake up call.

2. Since I wrote this post about my swim coach, Bruce Calvert, who passed away, I have been receiving really great feedback.  I was pretty honored that two different publications took my post and included it in their articles.  Thank you to the Rhode Island Interscholastic League and to the Valley Breeze for including me and for your great articles remembering a wonderful coach.

3. I have some international travel coming up, as I mentioned previously, and needed to get my passport renewed.  Well on Tuesday of last week I finally got my brand new shiny and completely empty passport in the mail.  It makes me feel so much better for the travel I have to have this in my possession, but I am also super nervous because I haven't gotten my old passport back yet!  I read online that they send it back to you separately from the new one so I am trying not to get worried, but I really, really want it and all the memories back!

Additionally, the day that I got my passport back I saw this post in the New York Times about passport renewals in 2016.  Apparently 2006 was a huge year to get your passport originally, so the travel department is expecting a ton of passport renewals to come through and are encouraging people to do it early.  Yes, I had to expedite mine, so I don't think I can count as getting it done early but I am SO glad that I got it done before this article came out at least!!

4.  I got a few inches cut off my hair last week.  I guess you may not be able to see it super clearly but here is a picture from Saturday night followed by a picture from Sunday evening.  I love my hair long but I hate when it looks gross and dead and thin at the end.  My hair feels super healthy right now, although I still find broken dead ends everywhere.  How do people with healthy hair do it?  I need help!

5.  I got to Facetime with my little niece and nephew the other day and I am so obsessed with them. That is all.

5. I cannot stop watching the new Beyonce video. I love it.

6. On Sunday I had a couple friends over to watch the Super Bowl and it was so much fun to have just a quiet evening.  I have been trying to figure out lately when I became an old lady though and stopped liking to party and I can't figure out it was.  I used to love big things and going out and bars and now I just like to stay at home.  When did that happen? Seriously, when?

7.  Speaking of not knowing when things happened... My friend Ariel thinks I am obsessed with tacos.  I know that sounds random, but she pointed out to me that I eat tacos a lot.  I mentioned once that I got breakfast tacos (I think when I saw Owen Wilson at the restaurant) and she reacted, "Wow tacos are really your favorite."  And then I started noticing all the times I eat tacos.  I guess I do love tacos?  The point here?  I "Liked" or said I was "interested" in taco festival in Atlanta and all these people on Facebook have been "Liking" that status.  I guess it is a known fact now.

8. My little 7 year old brothers were texting me today from the British Virgin Islands.  We swapped funny face photos but then they outdid me by sending pictures of them jumping and diving in the amazingly beautiful water and all I could do was send back a video of my desk.

9. It snowed in Atlanta today!  I was so excited!  I was seriously thinking that this would be the first year of my life without any snow.  I was home a number of times last year in the winter to be able to get to see some snow.  Actually, I had more than enough snow than I wanted when I had to drive through it all for my work trip.  However, this year so far all I've had were a few flurries.  It was very exciting to me to see those snowflakes fall in Atlanta. 

10.  Lately I have just finished reading two books. I read each really fast.  One was The Martian by Andy Weir and the other was Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.  I am fully in a reading kick and excited to get deep into a new one!  I decided to share this fun fact since someone reached out and asked what it was that I had mentioned I was reading recently. (Hi Heather!)

That's all for today folks. Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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