Friday, February 12, 2016

Chattanooga Training Recap - Weeks 15 and 16

Alright guys, I missed a number of workouts with you so let me just catch you up a bit.  The last workout I posted (besides my weekend workouts) was Tuesday February 2nd so I will back up a bit to last week.  I had a fun week of working out and felt good about all the things I put in, but also a bit off because I realized at the end of the week I had not biked since my outdoor ride on Sunday.  I really need to figure out a way to get myself to bike more or else I am going to be in some trouble!

Wednesday 2/3:  Swim workout + boxing class + leg day with small group training

I really pushed myself to get the swim workout done all the way through and I did finish three rounds, which I was really happy with.  I think the total was about 3100 meters and I left feeling tired.  This workout was in the morning and then I returned to the gym in the evening - Wednesday being my heaviest midweek gym session day it seems.

The evening I went to the boxing class I have been loving with two friends and then joined the small group training class I've become a part of through the 60 day challenge.  We worked legs that day and I felt really good about my performance.  It was me and one other guy and these types of situations make me feel really competitive.  I will not ever say "the weight is too much" or to give me less to do.  I just kept asking for more.

The one other guy in the class was panting for breathe at the end of each exercise, so the whole workout was a little slower pace than I would have liked, but I enjoyed the class.  I didn't feel the burn right away but by Thursday evening/Friday - woo! My legs were on fire.

I treated myself to a smoothie from the gym - chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie and it was uhhhhmazing.

Thursday 2/4 - AM 3 mile run

Since Wednesdays are a heavier day I am using Thursday as more of a "rest" day and this Thursday morning was a good mental break with a chance to catch up on the pavement with Janet.  We met at Atlantic station and did 3 miles up and down Peachtree and were still smiling at the end!

Friday 2/5 - AM Pilates Reformer class + PM 3 mile hill run

Another part of the 60 day challenge that I had signed up for at the gym was to get one 1-on-1 training session and I chose to do mine on the Pilates Reformer, since it was something I have been wanting to try (but not wanting to pay for.)  I met at the gym for a 7:00 a.m. personal training session and was a bit intimidated by this crazy machine.  We did various exercises that had me sliding up and down on this contraption, "jumping" and using random muscles I didn't know existed.

It's funny, while I was doing it, I didn't feel like the Pilates Reformer gave me that much of a workout. However the next day, my abs were more sore than they have been in a long long time!

On Friday evening before heading to dinner I willed myself to get out and do a 3-mile run just for the heck of it and I did that run from my apartment.  I very rarely run from my apartment because it is so hilly, but I chose to do that today.  I had been talking with a friend who is a triathlon coach and she showed me that her workouts for the week included some hill runs and I figured I should get back in that habit too.  I have been running so much on the treadmill I don't want my body to lose that benefit of hill running.  I planned to do 3 miles and at about 2ish my watch died out, although I can't be too sure where it died.  I did this run without music and without my phone even on me so when my watch died it was just me and the pavement.

My watch died at the bottom of one of the hardest hills and at the second third of the run so I was SO tempted to just call it quits when my watch called it quits.  The proudest thing about this Friday evening run was the fact that I didn't give up even though my brain was pushing hard for me to walk.

Saturday 2/6:  Easy 1.2 mile swim (1.27 miles in 41:44) + 1 hour bike ride + weights
Sunday 2/7: 10.13 mile run @ 9:32 min/mile average (1:36:34 total)

But you knew this already.

Monday 2/8:  AM swim practice (2400) + PM 40 minute indoor trainer ride

400 swim + 200 kick (x2)
4 x 100 pull (:20 rest)
8 x 25 (:30 rest)
4 x 100 pull (:20 rest)
8 x 25 (:30 rest)
Total: 2400m

Tuesday 2/9: AM weights + PM 50 minute indoor trainer ride

I went to the gym to run in the morning, and just frankly, did not want to.  I went to the weight room and lifted weights for 40 minutes and thoroughly enjoyed it.  These workouts are always the first to go for me, so it was good to spend some time there.

In the evening when I got home, before heading out for dinner, I did a 50 minute ride on the indoor trainer.

Wednesday 2/10: AM swim practice (3200) + PM

Wednesdays are becoming my midweek long day of workouts, which stars with swim practice in the morning. I come in ready to work and do whatever the coach has in store for me that AM.  Then I return to the gym in the evening for an additional workout and then my 7:00 p.m. small group training session.

This Wednesday's swim was:

400 swim
4 x 100 kick
2 x through:
300 pull + 200 kick + 100 no free swim
2 x through
4 x 25 on :30
4 x 50 on 1:00
3 x 100 easy
Total: 3200

In the evening, I jumped on the treadmill since I skipped my run the night before.  I did a workout that had been recommended to me from a friend that included some speed work, hill work, and some tempo running and I finished with about 4.5 miles.  I was sweating and tired and enjoyed the workout!

I then went over for my "small group training" class that ended up just being a  personal training session since nobody else showed up.  The trainer blasted my chest and shoulders and my arms were shaking by the end.  I felt wiped and exhausted at the end of this day!  It was lovely to have a Google Hangout scheduled with my girls when I got home to relax to.

Thursday 2/11: 40 minute trainer bike ride

I really, really did not want to work out today.  I skipped a run in the morning with Janet, but somehow convinced myself to get on the bike.  I did a warm up then two different 10-minute tempo rides that had me really sweating and pushing myself hard.  I was so happy to get off the bike and also happy that I got a workout in this day because I was very tempted to skip.

Friday 2/12:  Swim practice (I'm not sure what it was)

Well, I showed up late for swim and I missed the warmup completely so I warmed up on my own and missed the start of the workout.  So I am not sure at what point I jumped in but we did a number of 25s FAST which was sort of fun and challenging and a great way to start my Friday.

And with that, I wrap up these past two weeks of training.  Are you bored yet?  You aren't? Well, sorry, cause that's all I have for you. Happy Friday everyone!

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