Sunday, March 20, 2016

Almost all my workouts in March right here

Should I even keep doing this?  It doesn't fully make sense when I am writing the past 2 or 3 weeks of workouts but let me just jot this all down.  What have I been up to, besides the workouts you've read about?

Wednesday 3/2 - Swim practice and 20 minute bike ride on the trainer

Thursday 3/3 - Run and 20 minute bike ride on the trainer

Friday 3/4 - Swim practice

Saturday 3/5 - Yoga and 31 mile Bud plant bike ride [Read about that over here.]

Sunday 3/6 - 8 mile run on the Beltline [Read about that over here.]

Monday 3/7 - Swim practice and yoga

I love Mondays that are made up of swim practice and yoga.

This evening I was a bit late driving to yoga and the traffic was insane, so I multitasked. Changed in my car on the way over!

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Follow me on Snapchat!
The only other thing I will say about this day is that I snapped a picture of myself at work today. Lately I have been really down on myself about the weight I've been putting on. I've been really hard on myself, but when I looked really quick I thought to myself, "You know what? I could be doing a lot worse." I was just wanted to share that moment of self love and positivity.

Tuesday 3/8 - 50 minute trainer ride

This was a ride that I got your advice on!  I had a flight midday out of Atlanta to head to West Palm Beach for a night and wouldn't be able to ride my bike again until Thursday.  Since I am trying to get some extra bike riding in this month, I wanted to make sure to get a ride done.  I have been trying to avoid riding my bike in the mornings or evenings due to my neighbor yelling at me a few weeks back. However, I didn't have any other options!

I rode for 50 minutes at 6:00 a.m. and put a sign on my door in case she came up to complain. There were no complaints (verbally) that I know of.  For all I know she was cursing me out from downstairs though!

Wednesday 3/9 - 2 mile run

I, of course, brought my running clothes to Florida and planned to get an early morning run in. I unfortunately, just felt like crap. I got myself out and running but called it quits after 2 miles. At least it is something?

I also had a few mental thoughts I wanted to share with you while sharing this memory. First, I had a thought of, "Hey, I'm kind of a runner?" which many of you I am sure think that about me all the time but it is still something that has a hard time sinking in for me. During this run it made me realize that I've been at this for a while since I already ran here during a work trip in 2014!  I knew the route and had it all planned out.  Either I run too much or I travel too much to have this happen!

And then back to body image thoughts. I spent a little bit on Wednesday morning checking myself out in the mirror. The beach air had put some night curl in my hair and I started to notice some definition in my shoulders, likely from all the swimming I have been doing!

Funny how quick things can change because Thursday morning I was back to beating myself up. You win some, you lose some, I guess?

Thursday 3/10 - 3 mile beltline run and crummy bike

I started the morning meeting some friends in the morning for the first of hopefully more morning runs! I love starting the day with friends but the winter and cold weather has been a challenge. With temperature warming up and daylight savings on the way... it is time for them be back!  This is the only picture I took though... weird.

That evening I had this horrible experience on the bike where my hip hurt.... so you guys know that story.... [Read about it here.]
Friday 3/11 - Nothing [Read about that nothing here.]

Saturday 3/12 - 32 mile bike ride

Woohoo! [Read about that bike ride here.]

Sunday 3/13 - Hike with Jeff that lasted .5 miles but involved a lot of photos

Last weekend my younger brother came to visit in Atlanta. We had a lot of fun spending time together, and I really enjoyed getting to meet a number of his friends who also live nearby.  On Sunday we had the afternoon to hang out and since the weather was feeling like summer in Atlanta we decided to go out to Roswell in search of this waterfall that I had seen people post about online.  I had been under the impression that this was a waterfall you had to hike to so I thought that would be my workout of the day.

Turns out you don't hike to you.  You just walk about .25 mile and you get to the waterfall. So, not much sweating going on, but we had a blast playing around by the waterfall!

We then proceeded to eat our faces off the rest of the day and prep for St. Patrick's Day. Point goes to unhealthiness for this day.

Monday 3/14 - Swim practice

I always feel dedicated when I go to the gym, workout, return home, and someone else is still asleep. Happened this morning with my brother. Point goes to me for being badass.

Tuesday 3/15 - Boot camp

I was traveling again for work this week, and this time for a big team meeting.  The organizer of the meeting put together an optional morning boot camp workout with her trainer. It was a tough workout and a fun way to start the day. I am always horrified though at how terrible I am at these types of workouts since they are so not the norm of what I usually do!

Working out while the sun rises by the ocean isn't awful though.

Wednesday 3/16 - 4.5 mile run

Still traveling, so did another beach sunrise workout in the form of a 4.5 mile run with a friend. We finished in about 40 minutes so I was happy with the pace, especially as some of it we ran directly on the sand! Not the super soft sand, but the hard packed sand. Either way - beach running is tough and not something I am used to. I enjoyed the scenery but opted to do most of it on the road.

Thursday 3/17 - Nothing

Had an early flight, a long day of work, and St. Patrick's Day plans to tend to...

Friday 3/18 - Swim practice and 3 mile run

I made up for not working out on Thursday by doing double duty on Friday.  Morning swim practice followed by an evening 3 mile run on the Silver Comet Trail at a good pace!

Saturday 3/19 - 40 mile bike ride

Woohooo!!!! New distance PR on the bike! I rode for ~41 miles. My watch was dead so I used the RunKeeper app in Cycle mode to track my distance and it said 41.65 and I rode for 2:40.  This is a long day of exercise for me and I was really excited to get it done.

I was even more excited because there seemed to be a number of set backs in the way of me finishing this and for a little bit I was panicking thinking I wouldn't be able to get a bike in at all. First, I was delayed in getting out to ride and ended up missing the group ride I wanted to do. And then when I did get out to the trail, my bike was acting funny and not pedaling correctly or switching gears. I could tell something was wrong so I made the decision to pack up and go to the bike shop and have them look at it.

As I was driving out of the parking lot, I heard a crash and looked in my mirrors to see my tire in the middle of the road! I quickly jumped out to grab it, tried to figure out what had happened, and then threw my whole bike into the back seat and head over to the bike shop.

Luckily, it was a really easy fix. Apparently the little pin came loose that I need to change in and out when I take my bike from riding outdoors to indoors. I have been worried that my lack of knowledge would lead to me doing something stupid and ruining my bike and hopefully this is as close as it gets!  They put my bike back together and I immediately went back to the trail to get the ride in.  Go me!

Sunday 3/20 - 13.1 mile run

As part of training, I wanted to do about 9 or 10 miles this weekend. However, I ended up with the opportunity to get a bib for the Publix Half Marathon for free so I decided, why not go the extra miles and run a fully supported and huge race with 20,000 friends?

The run was a STRUGGLE and I walked a bit the last few miles. However, I got them all done and finished in 2:13 for the run. It very much didn't feel like a "race" to me and I will go into more detail for that in my whole recap of the run. However, after how much of a mental challenge it was to get through that race, I decided I am gladly hanging up my medal and race bib along with the rest of my collection!

And with that, we are caught up!!  Hope you had a good weekend and more to come on the race this week.

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