Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Training summary and endomorph-ism

Well I'm back and I am slightly less mopey. The race on Sunday went off without a hitch, I ran it at a comfortable pace of 2:04:20 and felt good about that decision. I don't think I had it in me to go hard, even though it was harder to mentally tell myself that it was okay to not race the race than I thought it would be. I had a lot of fun, I celebrated, and I have a new super cool medal to add to my collection with beads instead of ribbon!

But let me back up a little because I've got a number of things to catch up on!  First off, last week.  I obviously blogged a lot. Which is lovely because I enjoyed recapping my trip on here!  In addition, I got settled back in for a week in Atlanta!

And now that I am not so burned out on exercise let me summarize a little (sorry if this is boring.)

Saturday 2/13:  Travel Day
Sunday 2/14: 6 mile run
Monday 2/15: 4.5 mile run
Tuesday 2/16: 2000 meter swim
Wednesday 2/17: Rest
Thursday 2/18: 3 mile run (and lots of walking around)
Friday 2/19: 1 hour spin or "RPM" class
Saturday 2/20: Rest
Sunday 2/21:  Travel Day

Monday 2/22: Swim workout + 3.31 mile run

I arrived on Sunday evening from Dubai, the travel back was not as terrible as the travel there, which was nice. I also did not have the same bad jet lag and was able to get back Sunday evening, head to bed, and wake up in the morning and go into the office. I was up early on Monday morning so I used it as an excuse to just get up and go to the gym. I did some stretching and then swim practice followed by a long day at work. That evening, although I was tempted to just go home and sleep, I went and joined Run Smyrna for a 3 mile run in the rain that doubled as a workout and as a preventative measure for me falling asleep at 8:00 p.m. We ran, then immediately re-consumed all the calories with beer and nachos. I'm doing a great job getting back on track with eating healthy in case you are wondering.

However, I like running with Run Smyrna because I am ALWAYS the slowest person out there and it helps me to run a bit faster - even if I am not always wanting to. My first mile was at 8:25 pace since I was trying to keep up and then I figured, "Okay this is not sustainable..." and dropped down to a 9:25 pace for the next two miles.

Tuesday 2/23: Upper body strength workout

I just really couldn't manage to get myself to do any cardio today.  I came down with a cold and felt like crap and couldn't breathe and just couldn't handle the thought of running or biking. So weights it was, which I actually really love doing and wish I had more time to do weights and not feel guilty about it.

Tuesday evening I actually returned to my gym in the evening but I ate some soup and attended a seminar about nutrition.  As I mentioned, I have been doing this 60 day challenge at the gym, which I am totally failing at because my weight and body measurements and body fat percentage and all of that have just gone up up up with trips to Miami, Dubai and New Orleans since I began.  Plus, I did my weigh in right after 2 weeks of not eating any sugar, grains, dairy, or gluten sooo.... yeah. I don't think I will be winning.

The nutrition seminar only had 1 other person in it and it was a little lame because it was information that I feel like I know, e.g. "A serving size of protein is the size of the palm of your hand."

However one thing interesting was talking about how there are different body types and addressing that you need to eat differently based on how you are built and how you metabolize food.  There are the "ectomorphs" which are the taller, thinner, leaner bodies that have a really hard time gaining muscle (and who I tend to hate because they can eat a ton and not gain.)  Then there are the "mesomorphs" which have hard bodies, gain muscle easily, athletic builds, thick skin.

Then there are the "endomorphs" which is for sure what I am and also the total losing end of the body shape lottery.  Endomorph body description includes "soft body," "underdeveloped muscles," "weight loss is difficult," and "round physique."  Sweet.

Legit this website that I am looking at right now includes "famous" examples of the different body types and for ectomorphs they say Brad Pitt and Kate Moss. For mesomorphs they say Sylvestor Stallone and Bruce Willis.  And then you know who they give as examples for endomorphs?  John Goodman.  And Roseanne.  Oh, and Jack Black.


Wednesday 2/24: 5 mile run + Lower body workout

I wanted to get another longer run in this week so Wednesday I did 5 miles on the treadmill after work followed by my small group training class that ended up being a personal training session since nobody else showed up and OMG were my legs in pain by the end.  Squats and deadlifts and sled push things and all this ridiculousness that I felt DESTROYED at the end of it.  Legit destroyed. I was dead.

Thursday 2/25: 20 minute bike ride + 20 minute run + 20 minutes of weights

I was feeling very bipolar. I felt like I should bike because I hadn't biked in un, two weeks? But I also felt like I should run because I had a half marathon to run on Sunday and didn't feel properly trained. But all I really actually felt like doing was weight training. I really like weight training and I also really don't like doing cardio when I have a cold and I still was not feeling 100% (although I refuse to admit that.) So I just did a little of everything that I was "supposed" to do and wanted to do for this 20-20-20 workout on Thursday morning.

As another short tangent on my life outside of training: Thursday evening I went to this speaker event that I found out about from the Syracuse Alumni Association in Atlanta. This author Mark Riebling was doing a moderated talk about a couple books he read, which sounded cool.  I showed up and it was the most formal thing ever. EVERYONE had on suits and ties and fancy clothes and I was in a skirt and boots. They had nametags for you. And everyone seemed really fancy and important. I was so embarrassed and out of place. I always seem to find the weirdest situations to get myself into.

On a positive note, the location had an amazing view of Atlanta!

Friday 2/26: Rest.  I was too tired to get myself to the gym in the morning and then on Friday I flew out for New Orleans!

Saturday 2/27: Two mile shakeout run

Sunday 2/28: 13.1 miles at the New Orleans Rock N Roll Half Marathon!

Monday 2/29: Rest day

Tuesday 3/1: 20 minute bike + Upper body workout + 40 minute bike.

I worked from home on Tuesday morning and decided to try and get a 1 hour bike ride in while on a call where I only was supposed to be listening in. Sometimes it is actually helpful and I pay attention more on a call when I step away from my computer directly because then I am not multitasking.  Of course, riding a bike while being on a call is multitasking too, but with just one focus for my brain!

However, when the call started, people kept sending me messages to discuss what was going on and I thought it might just be a quick thing and I could keep going with the ride & listen, but then it wasn't working out so much.

So, after 20 minutes I gave up and just worked.  Later in the day I went to the gym for the afternoon weight training session I had planned. Don't my legs look skinny in that above picture? I wish they always looked like that.

Then I returned back home to finish out the hour I had started earlier in the day and did 40 minutes on the trainer while watching Fuller House. That was much better than trying to type and pedal at the same time.

Alright, so that's the workouts that you've been anxiously awaiting hearing about, all spelled out on the blog.  I know these are boring but I want to be able to track how I trained for this Half Ironman Shindig.  It is helpful to me!  I am planning to make March the "month of biking" for the time that I am here and have my bike available to me.  Now that I no longer have half marathons on the schedule - it is time to bike my butt off and get improved on this thing!!  Here's to keeping the promise to bike as much as possible this March and get some long rides in as well.

Up next?  New Orleans and race recap!

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