Tuesday, March 8, 2016

NYC Marathon - Here I come!

Hello everybody!!! SO, I had a whole post that I was planning to write to kick off this week telling you all about my motivating and inspiring bike ride from the weekend and how much more energized I was about triathlon training. However, there are a few other things on my mind and I want to scrap those plans and write about this really quickly (although I will come back to that another day!)

First off, today, totally unbeknownst to me until my friend texted me this afternoon, was the day that the NYC Marathon lottery entrants were announced. I have been feeling pretty confident about running the marathon this year because my dad apparently has a hookup. However, I thought it might be a bit challenging or confusing to get it all figured out. So anyways, when my friend texted me I logged into my NY Road Runners account and guess what?  I WAS ACCEPTED!

I didn't even need my dad's hookup because totally I was accepted into the New York City Marathon and on November 6th I will be running my 4th (!!!!!) marathon through the streets of the five boroughs! I am so excited as this is one of the World Marathon Majors, also known for its infamous crowds and support, and I have SO many NYC based friends to hopefully be out cheering for me (hint, hint guys!)

This was a highlight of my day and I am so pumped.

I did the math backwards and if I follow the same 18-week marathon training I used for Paris and Chicago, training starts the first week of July. Which, gives me a month off from training after Chattanooga Half Ironman at the end of May. Also, so far, no major runs fall on the weekends of giant happenings in my life. I am sureeeeeeeee craziness will come up, because it always does for me. However, so far so good. I have a 15 mile run the weekend of a wedding, but that will actually be in NYC so will be a cool opportunity to train where the race is, which I am excited about. The year is shaping up, people!

The other cool part of my day? I am currently in Juno Beach, Florida for a short work trip and drove by the beach for a minute to hop out and catch a little bit of the sunset. Quick trips don't usually allow for much down time, so I was happy to be able to dip my toes in the sand for a moment. I am getting so excited for my vacation that I have coming up and hopefully some beach time!

So that's basically what's going on with me in a nutshell today. I just wanted to post about that because I am feeling excited about it!  But want to also give an update on some of the recent shenanigans in my life and the training weekend that I just had.

Hope you are having a great week and NYC -- I am coming for you!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Woooooot!!! How exciting! Congratulations on getting a spot, that is AWESOME!