Sunday, June 12, 2011

The best way to spend a Saturday morning

Yesterday I decided to check an item off of my Upstate New York bucket list by getting a mineral bath at the Roosevelt Spa at the Gideon Putnam Hotel in Saratoga State Park.  I booked the bath on Friday afternoon and decided to throw in a massage for good measure :)

I scheduled the mineral bath for 10:30 am and planned to arrive a bit early, as I had been recommended to do so by a friend.  I arrived and was directed to the women's locker room where I changed into a soft and warm bathrobe that was waiting.  They had secure lockers where I locked in my purse and clothing, leaving my cell phones behind for a morning of quiet and indulgence.

The book I have been reading, "The Happiness Project" was all I brought with me as I went out to the lounge area.  I made a cup of tea and waited until an employee came out and called my name.  He brought me to my private bath area.  The tub was filled for me and I was informed I could turn the lights off if I wanted, there was a bathroom for me, and a warm towel would be brought to me when time was up.

The tub went 5 inches below the ground floor, so it was much deeper than it seemed.  The water was brown so not too appealing in color, but the temperature was just right and with the lights off and a small candle going, the tub was incredibly inviting.  I relaxed for about 20 minutes enjoying the soft music and solitude that the mineral bath brought me.  Then there was a short knock on the door and a voice telling me that time was up.  A towel was slipped through the door and it was seriously so warm and felt so wonderful to dry off in.  If only I always had someone to drop off a warm towel, perhaps it wouldn't be so difficult to get out of the shower in the morning!

The massage that came next was just blissful (although nothing incredibly out of the ordinary as far as massages go... how can they not be blissful?)  Afterwards I was near sleeping so I went to the lounge and just rested for a bit longer, read more of my book, and had another glass of tea.

I was having such a good time relaxing and enjoying the peace that I then went to the steam room.  It was empty so I was able to just fully let the warm, moist air take over.  After not too long, I left and returned to the women's locker room, where I showered, used their soft lotion, and returned to my clothes and blinking cell phone... ugh.

Seriously though, the bath was great.  I felt so rejuvinated afterwards and my skin was incredibly soft and smooth.  It was so nice to indulge for a bit and if I hadn't gotten the massage... the bath would have been only $25!  I recommend to everyone and anyone.  I am so glad that I tacked this off early from my list because I think it is something I may want to do again!

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