Thursday, March 15, 2012

Coffee vs. Tea: Which are you?

As those of you who read my list of goals for the month of February know, I had chosen to give up coffee completely for the month.  This goal prompted some questions as to why I decided to do this.  Well, I had wanted to give up coffee for a while but have frankly, had not been willing to actually do it.  Even though sometimes coffee gives me heartburn and a stomach ache, sometimes it makes me feel jittery, and sometimes I felt like the caffeine was affecting my sleep (even if I wasn't drinking coffee anywhere near bedtime) -- it was not an easy choice for me.  To me, coffee is warm and comforting. Holding a cup of coffee soothes me.  Coffee tastes good.  I like things that taste good.

I recently read an article in the print version of Health magazine that talks breaking bad habits by replacing them with a new one.  So, for the past few months I have been trying to get more into tea.  I have read many times about the benefits that can come from drinking tea.  And tea can be warm and comforting.  Holding a cup of tea can be soothing.  And ya know what?  Tea tastes good!  For some reason drinking decaf coffee seems crazy.  But drinking decaf tea seems perfect.  There are so many different flavors and types of tea.  Fruity teas.  Savory teas.  Peppermint teas.  Sleepytime teas.  Green teas.  I know none of those are the "official" names of the types of teas and you can probably be reading the blogs of a hundred tea officianados right now that will tell you all about the greatness of different types of teas.  However, afficianado I am not, but converted tea fanatic I am!

For the whole month of February, I didn't have a single cup of coffee.  I am proud of sticking to that goal and feeling good about what I had been doing until I read this article in SELF magazine blog that made me question what I was doing.  The article, debates which is better for you coffee or tea, and rules it a tie.

Really?  I was surprised because I always thought that the general answer in the health community was tea.  I was surprised by this article and it made me rethink my decision to give up coffee entirely.

One thing I learned from the article was that espresso can be easier on the stomach of those who usually get indigestion from coffee.  And you still get the benefits of coffee.  Honestly, I got kind of excited when I read this because I realized thinking back that espresso never made me feel ill.  Lattes and cappuccinos never gave me a stomach ache.  I may not have to give up coffee completely and can probably continue having it as an occasional treat.  As we're now into March, I've afforded myself one or two skim milk lattes as special treats but on a day to day basis, I have continued my love affair with tea.  I love trying new kinds and have successfully replaced my morning cup of coffee with a cup of tea.

I was completely amazed by this loose leaf tea brewer that I saw at a restaurant in San Diego.  I may need to invest in my own!!
What does everyone do in the blogging world?  Are you a tea or a coffee drinker?

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