Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Olympics are CONSUMING my life.

I have spent the vast majority of the weekend on the couch, in front of the TV, consumed by the summer Olympics.  I know I'm not the only one out there that has this addiction/compulsion every few years.  I just absolutely love the competition, the glory, the defeat, the incredible displays of strength, dedication and endurance.  And, I should mention, the summer Olympics are by far my favorite.

As I wrote about before, I recently went to Atlanta for work.  On that trip we walked through the Olympics park on the way to our event venue and it reminded me that my Olympics obsession started early.  Like most young girls in the 90s, I was MESMERIZED by the 1996 women's gymnastics team. I remember watching Kerri Strug on the vault like it was yesterday.  I used to pretend to be her and recreate that moment in the pool using the black lines at the bottom of the pool as my "vault."  I requested, and received, the 1996 "Best Of" VHS tape for my birthday that year and watched it over and over and over.

Since moving into my new apartment, I haven't had any cable television.  It was a bit of a pain for Syracuse basketball games, the Superbowl, some awards ceremonies, etc. but I have made do.  However, I had Time Warner Cable at my apartment Friday morning setting up cable TV because I did not want to miss this!

So, with all that being said, here are a few things on my mind:

1.  Team Lochte all the way!  I have a giant crush on Ryan Lochte and am excited to see him compete. I was screaming at my TV last night during the 400M IM!  Although I am impressed and awed by what  Michael Phelps has accomplished in his career, I am excited to see other deserving American athletes get some glory.  What about you?  Team Lochte or Team Phelps?

2.  Can we talk about this video from the U.S. Swimming team?  Love.

I love people that don't take themselves TOO seriously and I love seeing that the athletes are really enjoying their time at the Olympics and the experience itself.  So fun.  Also, I may be a little biased as well since my family just did our own rendition :)

 3.  Why do all of the gymnasts have their number bibs safety pinned to the back of their uniforms?  These outfits are specially designed for the teams every year and they can't figure a better way to handle numbering the athletes?  These uniforms I'm sure are ridiculously expensive and are designed for technical perfection for the athletes.  Yet they have to deal with having a number pinned on?  That is the same process used for the rinky-dink 5Ks I run in.  And I find the safety pinned numbers annoying! I can't imagine being in a competition like the Olympics and having to deal with this.  I don't know why I find this so unbelievable but it baffles me every time I see them.

4.  Cycling.  Now, I never watch the Tour de France so this may be old news for some people, but the fans are in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!  Get out of the way!  People are riding for medals here!!  Goodness gracious, it makes me anxious just watching this on the TV.  Why are the roads not blocked off to keep the people out of the riders way??

5.  The coverage.  I've been following a lot of the #nbcfail conversation going on over Twitter and I have to admit I am disappointed in NBC as well.  I wish they had made some strides to really make these Olympic games accessible in real time.  There are a number of decisions they could have done differently and the reactions of the execs in charge have been VERY disappointing to see.  And PLEASE, can we get rid of Ryan Seacrest?!?  Please!

6.  I am getting so excited for my sprint tri!!!  It is now less than a week away.  I am nervous and excited and the Olympics are getting me even more motivated and ready to go.  Swim, bike, run, here I come!!!

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