Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday night in my mind.

The life of a single, working, twenty-something. Chaotic. Unpredictable even when you plan.  But fun, so you don't want to say no!  My life.

Today a situation came up that was one of the exact scenarios that caused me to start this blog in the first place.  I know it happens, so in a way I should be better prepared, but it still happens.

This Sunday I cooked and prepped my meals for the week.  Salads, healthy veggie dishes, roasted sweet potatoes, turkey sandwiches.  Lots of variety. Lots of yummy things to choose from.

This week was my first week returning to Weight Watchers after a couple months of being... well.. negligent with counting my points.  I mean, let's be honest, I wasn't doing it.

I made the decision last week to return to Weight Watchers.  Seriously. And I felt like I was doing well all week.  As per usual, by the time it the seventh day of the week, I had used every single one of my extra points and my exercise points.  I still felt on track though.  I had my meals for the week prepared and was feeling good.

But today I found out about a work dinner that I couldn't miss.  The night before my Weight Watchers weigh in.  With no points to spare.  So, obviously I thought in advance, Salad with grilled chicken.  Water to drink.  No appetizers, no bread. You can do this.

But then everyone was ordering drinks and I had had a really stressful day.  So I ordered a beer as well.  And then out of nowhere plates of appetizers arrived.  I skipped the clam cakes & calamari, but bruschetta! My favorite!  Or, one of my favorites at least...

So I ate a couple pieces of bruschetta... topped with lots of tomatoes!  Those are zero points, so that's okay, right?!

And then we ordered meals and I ordered first.  "Salad with grilled chicken, please!"

But around the table the waitress continued and EVERYONE ELSE got either a soup or a salad as a starter.  And that french onion soup sounded SO GOOD.  So, "Excuse me, miss?  Could I start with the french onion soup as well?"  and I told myself, I'll only have a few bites.

The soup came and it was delicious.  I had more than just a few bites.

Salad came, not much damage that can be done there.  Well, except for the walnuts in the salad... and the cheese... and the dried cranberries... I did get the dressing on the side though!  That counts for something, no?

And because none of this food was enough... a round of desserts was brought out.  Cut into small pieces, enough for everyone to try almost everything if we wanted.  There was chocolate layer cake.  And peanut butter pie.  And fresh whipped cream.

I'll just have the strawberries that came on top of the whipped cream.  And maybe a bite of the peanut butter pie.  And the chocolate layer cake.  And, okay, one more of the peanut butter pie...

And now here I am.

The night before my Weight Watchers weigh in.  The week that I was supposed to be "back on track." And I'm not feeling so hot about myself.  But I guess this is how life goes for the single, working, twenty-something, who is incredibly addicted to delicious food.  

Ugh.  I guess there is always tomorrow...

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  1. Your so awesome to share your stories that all of us go through! Tomorrow is a new day, you cant change the past, only the future. Moral of the story? Drinks with Andrea > Work Parties. haha! just kidding, you gotta live!!! Awesome blog, hope to catch up soon!