Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pulling out the old tricks.

Ladies & gentlemen, I am happy to be able to announce that despite last night's overeating, I had a successful weigh in this week at Weight Watchers.  I still have a good number of pounds to shed until I am back at my lowest weight (which I had hit in March) but I am happy to be back on the right track!

I am reverting back to some of the things that worked for me well when I was "in the zone" and that I realized have slipped out of my habits now.  Some of those things are:

Tracking every single thing I eat!  Yup, I will wear out that iPhone application if I need to.

Attending the meetings.  Since I started at my new meeting location, I have been weighing in and leaving.  I didn't think I needed them anymore, but it turns out, I think I do.

Being vocal!! When I started my new job I very much got into the mindset that I was "starting a new life" in a sense.  Everyone I was meeting and interacting with at my new job didn't know me before I'd lost 60 lbs.  They didn't know the journey that I've been on to get healthy and they just saw me as a fit and healthy woman (side note: I initially wrote "young girl" and then changed it to "woman haha.)  So I stopped talking about Weight Watchers.  I stopped discussing Points and the work I've been doing.

Since I stopped attending the meetings in person, I also stopped being vocal IN the meetings.  In my old  Weight Watchers group, I had been notoriously vocal (shocking, I know.)  I always had something to say, suggest, complain about, or ask -- and it was nice!  As lame as this sounds, it really was a support group!  People got to know me, and I got to know them.  And it worked for me.  Today in my meeting, I spoke more than I probably had in the past 4 months combined.  I warned the class too, they are going to be hearing a lot more of me :)

Chatting about my progress also dropped off with my friends a bit.  I used to text 2-3 friends right from the meetings and tell them my progress.  And then I would return from the meeting and have one of my closest friends in the office across the hall asking how I did, and friends I would instant message to let them know too!  And if I didn't send a message to let them know how the weigh in went, they would reach out and ask, "How did it go?!"  Or even before the meetings they'd ask, "Ready for your weigh in?"  Some people may find that distracting or frustrating, but it helped me to stay on track and helped me to be accountable if I had that support.  And I've mentioned before that being held accountable by friends is really important and helpful for me.

I told my old support network that I am going to go back to text/checking in with them and was looking for their support again and it was SO NICE to get a message this morning asking how I felt going into the weigh in today (except for this friend clearly doesn't read my blog regularly or else she'd known how I was feeling haha.)

- Cooking.  Because of the summer and because I've been busy and because I no longer have roommates... blah blah... I've had a million excuses as to why I've been cooking less.  But I am throwing them all out the window and getting back in the kitchen.  This week was a great start and I'm looking forward to having more fun cooking.  I miss it!!

So, with that being said.  I am feeling good about the week ahead and hoping to keep the needle moving in the right direction :)  Happy Hump Day everyone!

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