Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas at Grammy's: 2013 holiday part two!

So, once my mom, brother and I wrapped up unwrapping presents at home (see what I did there?) we headed to my grandparent's house for our family's annual chaotic, fun, Christmas celebration.  There is always lots of present giving, lots of food, and lots of silliness.  My tradition of "Christmas Surprise" is always a part of that, but this year, a few of my cousins, my brother and I had been scheming on another family joke since Thanksgiving.

While we were at my grandparent's at Thanksgiving, we realized that they had a ton of framed sports photos all throughout the living room of 3 of our cousins -- none of who were there this Thanksgiving.  We decided to "recreate" some of the sports shots with ourselves in the images, and give them to our grandparents so that they could have a more accurate representation of their many, lovely grandchildren to display throughout their living room.  We had a ton of fun taking the pictures a month or so ago, and I printed out the pictures and when we arrived at my grandparents', my brother and I swapped out the photos.  It wasn't long after people arrived that someone noticed the pictures and we accomplished our goal of bringing lots of laughs to the group.  I've shared some of the photos here, with side by side comparisons, just so you can see the ridiculousness :)


Have I mentioned that I love my family and our silliness?  If these photos are Exhibit A, I will also go on to share Exhibit B... my grandmother proudly showing off her new mini marshmallow blaster and some ammo that she received as a Christmas present.

Exhibit C would have to be our annual "bow" picture that has been taking place for years and years.  After we open all the presents, we snatch up the wrappings and take a picture.  I know this is blurry and not a good picture at all, but I love how everyone is mid-laughter.  Especially my Grammy, right in the middle of the action!

I again, felt incredibly blessed after spending the day with so much love and family surrounding me.  I love how close we are and how much fun we have together.

And finally, I want to say thank you to my family secret santa who delivered my present via Florida.  As I mentioned in my first Christmas post, my family knows my hobbies well -- cooking & running was the theme this year and I am so excited about all the beautiful gifts I received.  Thank you!!!

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