Monday, December 23, 2013

There is never enough Christmas parties!

I went to yet another Christmas party last night and it was such a cute & fun one!  One of my running buddies had a cookie swap at her home and I brought with me the meringue cookies that I didn't screw up baking the day before.  She had some delicious foods for us and the spread of cookies... was... well, it was great.

I am always, always impressed with people's baking skills, because as I prove time and time again, I have none.  I ate wayyyyy too many cookies and walked away from the party so stuffed, smiling, and with a crazy loot of delicious cookies.

Because I know myself too well, I knew that bringing that many delicious, perishable, need-to-be-eaten-right-away cookies into my home where the only one there to eat them is me, would just be a terrible idea.  So I stopped at a couple of my friends' on the way home and dropped off cookies for them.  They are so lucky to have me, aren't they??  I think so :)

It was a really great way to spend the evening and always fun when I spend quality time with my running friends -- and their friends -- outside of wearing our sneakers.

You know, I don't usually write too much about dating and relationships on here, but I want to just throw out there... that it's not always easy to be single around the holidays.  I mean, it's not always easy to be single at a lot of points in time, actually.  When your friends all seem to be in relationships and other stages of their life than you.  When all the blogs and bloggers you seem to find on the internet are newlyweds or starting families.  But, hey, the holidays can be particularly hard with it being "engagement season" and all, with all the "All I want for Christmas is you" talk, mistletoe, and holiday parties that always include a plus one and I seem to be the only one without a plus one.

And no, I haven't written about the harder times on the blog here, the moments of sadness or loneliness, and I don't think it's something I'll ever start doing.  However, I do just want to say that having the friends that I do in my life, have made what could be really hard times, not so hard.  And for that, I am really thankful and incredibly happy.

This morning we did a 3-mile run together followed by our typical Friday routine, moved to Monday, of getting coffee, which I love.  A few of us weren't working today (myself included!) and it's our last run together in a bit while we go our separate ways for the holidays.  I am looking forward to spending time with my family and giving them all super big hugs when I get to see them.

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!  I'm enjoying some time with the coziness of my apartment right now with all my Christmas-ness going on.  My shopping is all done and my presents are all wrapped and my apartment is wonderful right now.  I love it.  And wine isn't hurting either :)

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