Monday, December 2, 2013

Running while traveling: you can and you will.

My hotel is on top of a mountain, you guys.  And running in the morning before work is a lot harder when you don't have your friends to meet you to run with.

Today I pealed myself out of bed for what should have been 3 easy miles.  After running 4 and 5 miles earlier this week, I thought 3 would feel great.  I planned to run outside and the concierge at the hotel I was at gave me a running map, saying there was a running path just down the road.

When I was driving in the yesterday, I very clearly saw that this place was on top of a hill.  A huge hill.  And I was a little nervous about running it, but decided to just give it a whirl.  If there was a running path nearby then it couldn't be ALL on a hill, right?  And I'd much rather keep my training outside on the ground and in the cold.  Again, I'm terrified if I stop once I will lose the momentum.

Anyways, I couldn't really find the running path.  I ran DOWN hill a while and looked for the path, but all I found was an unpaved sketchy route into the woods that didn't feel right.  It was still before sunrise and running off into an unpaved, unlit path in the dark in the woods in an area you've never been before... just... didn't feel exactly right...

So I ran a bunch down hill then I ran a bunch up hill.  I paused a few times trying to figure out where I should go and to take a few pictures.  I know my pace isn't entirely accurate but according to my Garmin I ran a 12/minute mile.  I now have something to try and beat on Wednesday!!

I hope these hills look as hard as they felt.  I definitely was channeling some of Coach Budris's "You can and you will" mind set during the run this morning!  Day 2 of marathon training and day 5 of the Runner's World run streak done!

P.S. And in case you were wondering, yes, I overate today.  Ugh.

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