Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fighting the post marathon blues

Hey guys, it's me, checking in.  It is one of those nights where I am really forcing myself to write.  It's something that I have been doing for the past week now, avoiding blogging.  I've been putting it off for as long as possible.  Writing now about my day to day life, with no more European adventures or no more marathon training feels weird.  I haven't wanted to go back to writing about something besides the marathon experience because I don't want the experience to be over.

Even when I do another marathon (yes, now it is a WHEN), it will never be the same.  The feeling of surprise and happiness and elation, I can't imagine how it could possibly be the same as the first time around.  I'll never get to relive my first marathon again.  I'll never be able to surprise myself or go in with that feeling of "Holy crap, I never knew I could do this!" and it's a bit sad.  I sort of want to stay in this bubble of happiness and marathon glory for a bit longer.  I wish I could pause time and continue to relish what I worked for and accomplished.  However, with every day that goes by, I feel like my window of time to tell everyone, "I just did a marathon!" continues to tick by.

I gave myself until this past Sunday to continue to eat freely in post-marathon triumph and as of Saturday morning I am back to tracking points and trying to be in control of my diet.  I am running again and exercising with a number of runs under my belt already.  And I am moving on.  Blogging is one of the few things I have left to get back to and some part of me just wants to leave my post-marathon blog entries up and just retire right here.  Peace out blogging world, remember me as Katelyn the Triumphant!

But alas, life goes on, and the blog must go on (well, at least until I turn 30, because then what the hell am I going to do?)

Last week was busy getting back in order with "life stuff" which, I am personally terrible at.  I had to get my car fixed up, pay my taxes, pay some bills, do laundry, clean, catch up on work, restock the fridge, see friends, get a pedicure, and you know, all the important things (pedicure counts as "life stuff," right?)  It was busy and productive and kept me occupied.  I was excited to be home and back in a routine and see friends and speak English and tell them about the marathon and yada yada yada.  Also, my coworker made me this, and I love it (and am never taking it of my cube at work...)

Now, in my second week at home, a case of the post-marathon/European adventure blues have set in.  The reality that life is now back to sitting in my apartment by myself cooking dinner for one and catching up on Parenthood while I do laundry is really sinking and it kind of sucks.

I'm doing what you are supposed to though.  I am signing up for races, running, and putting together a new training plan.  Saturday I did a 5-mile run on my own and Monday I did doubles starting with a 3-mile BEAUTIFUL sunrise run in the morning.

In the evening, I tried something new, which is another item on my "beat the post marathon blues" to do list, and went for a run with a local running group.  They were doing a "pub run" so it was a 3-mile run with a mid-run stop at a local pub for a beer.  It was also sponsored by Mizono so I was able to try a pair of their sneakers on the run and also they paid for the beers!  It was a very cool event and nice group of people so I will definitely try to join more of their runs in the future.  As for the sneakers, although I enjoyed getting to take a new pair on a test run, they weren't for me.  My feet felt numb by the end of my run so I think I will stick with my Saucony's for now.  However, I've got to respect their grassroots marketing efforts and for that I'll say that everyone should go out and at least check out a pair of Mizono's!

I also have been trying other forms of exercise.  I went back to hot yoga on Sunday with Jess, and reconfirmed that I do not think hot yoga is for me.  However, I will continue to try it because everyone says how amazing it is for you.... but essentially I just sweat my life away and can barely get through any of the yoga afterwards.  My skin feels good once it is over but I seriously hate it while it is happening!  Side note: doesn't my face look funny in this picture?  I feel like it looks all deformed shaped?  Maybe it was puffy from the hot room...

I'm also looking towards the future as part of my "beat the post marathon blues" plan.  I have signed up for another marathon actually (ahhhh!!!) in October.  I have signed up for a half marathon in September.  I have started to map out training for the Tough Mudder, Ragner Relay, and Boilermaker race that I was already signed up for.  And I have started to set goals for speed, distance, and fitness.

I'm planning trips - weekend trips and longer trips.  I'm organizing happy hours again.  I'm cooking.  I'm throwing myself into work.  I'm doing whatever it is they say that you are supposed to do and I'll keep doing those things.  Yet a lot of times over the past couple of days I've just wanted to be in bed.  Or in a froyo store.  Or inside of a cookie store when the cookies are just coming out of the oven and I am the official cookie sampler for the store.  That's pretty much all I've wanted as of late.  Is that too much to ask?

So anyways... that's about all that's going on over here.  Oh, except that we've been experiencing a stupid crazy swing of weather.  Yesterday was muggy and warm in the 70s and today it snowed.  Oh, and also, yesterday my car hit 100,000 miles.  Yippee.

I have one of those 10-year, 100,000 mile warranties on my car and of course the 100K hits way before the 10-years, so as of yesterday my car was no longer on warranty.  And guess what happens today when I go to leave work?  My car doesn't start!  I swear, there is some sort of conspiracy going on and I'm just sort of waiting for my car to disintegrate at this point.

However, today especially, my car problems are moot points and I want to reiterate that as I think a little bit back to a year ago today at the last Boston Marathon and what a scary, heartbreaking day that was.

I, and my close friends and family, were lucky that day to all have been safe from physical harm, but I don't know a single person -- Bostonian, runner, or otherwise -- who wasn't otherwise emotionally impacted by what happened on the streets of Boston.  I was then, and I am now, humbled by the police and first responders and those who acted bravely and courageously in the face of tragedy.  I am awestruck and admiring of those who were injured and hurt but have pushed on with their lives, facing each day as it comes.  I am blessed to feel a connection to fellow runners and Bostonians alike and am happy to be a part of this community.  I am planning to be in Boston on Monday to cheer on the runners at this coming marathon and really cannot wait to see the many, many people who will turn up to show everyone what it means to be #BostonStrong.  Thinking fondly and respectfully of those who lost their lives last year, their family, their loved ones, and those they knew. #WeRunAsOne

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  1. It sounds like you're doing everything you can to keep busy and beat the blues. Remember to feel these things, and be at peace with a need to rest (occasionally), because these are the times that motivate us to keep at it. I'm glad you're still focusing on all facets of self care, just don't forget to rest when needed. On a side note, I'm training for my first half, and think I've gotten just a taste of what you're going through. Had my WORST run ever of 11 miles, and while I finished it, I didn't end the run with pride of having gone farther than ever, or having kicked that runs butt. No. I ended up feeling SO frustrated by this "run" that I didn't even plug my Garmin in to review my stats for 4 days! FOUR days. I totally missed that feeling of accomplishment and pride. I have only 4 more weeks until my first half, and 6 more weeks until I'm officially done with my spring halves, and don't have another race scheduled until Oct. So, your blog post, and my recent running debacle have hopefully given me insight as to what I might be feeling come early June. Happy emotional recovery process! I love hearing about all the things you have going on. But seriously, can't you just wear your medal for, uh, I don't know, FOREVER?! You finished a marathon!! :0)