Thursday, April 10, 2014

Settling back in

Hey guys, it's been a few days so I figured I should check back in and let you know that I'm alive, my legs are still working, and I'm back stateside.  I flew back on Tuesday and went into work yesterday and today for full long days.  I seem to have beat the jet lag for the most part (knock on wood, I'm pretty good at jet lag...) and have just been trying to get caught up with life stuff that I neglected while I was away and keep my head above water with work!

Jess and I kept with our regular routine and met Wednesday morning for a run, despite having only been apart for less than 12 hours!  The snow has finally melted and we were able to run on the bike path again, and followed up the run with coffee & chats.  Although I did not enjoy having to layer up for a run again, I did enjoy getting to see Aubrey.  Plus, I rocked my Paris Marathon t-shirt I had bought at the expo.  Don't you love it?  I do!

I felt good on the run but I think I jinxed myself a little bit thinking that I had made it out of the marathon without injury or real pain.  I was sore but no pain... right now I feel like I stressed something in my hip.  I spent this morning at the gym stretching and foam rolling and I think that might have actually aggravated something.  It's felt a bit inflamed all day today and I can feel it popping around while I walk.  I do not want to aggravate it more and I am pretty disappointed that it's feeling funky.  Fingers crossed there are no problems when I wake up in the morning!

It's a little weird to transition to being home but I am happy to see my friends again and looking forward to spending a full day on my couch this weekend hopefully catching up on some TV shows!  ALSO, I am working on blog entries about the race itself.  I really want to do it justice so they are going to be long and probably will include a lot of detail and information that you won't care about.  But these entries will be for ME to always remember what will probably always be one of my favorite days!

Happy Thursday, talk soon!

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