Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Spa Day

Just a quick hello before I head to bed!  I was planning to write a longer post tonight but then my plans changed and I ended up driving back to my mom's in Rhode Island and have to be up early so need to get to sleep.

Man, was it a busy week guys!  However, I was able to do really well with tracking my food and I think that's really the key to it for me... just writing down what I eat helps me be so much more conscious of what I am doing.  So, I am going to try and do that every day for the next few weeks.  Hopefully that helps "Operation Get My Pants to Fit" go smoothly :)

Yesterday I tried a Pilates class, this morning Jess and I did a 3-mile run in Saratoga Park, which I hadn't run through since the Birthday Blizzard Half Marathon!

We all took the day off and we the rest of the girls joined for an awesome day of fun and pampering with the girls at the spa and throughout Saratoga.

And now I am off to a weekend I have been looking forward to for years!  Cannot wait.  Hope you have a good weekend!

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