Thursday, January 29, 2015

Building toughness.

This week has been a busy one.  I've eaten out pretty much every single meal.  I had a couple of "friend dates" and work dinners and evenings out and it has been hard to eat the way I wanted.  And I had the best of intentions one night, even researching the menu online beforehand and analyzing and deciding what I was going to eat that seemed healthy off the menu... but then got to the dinner and realized we had a fixed course menu.  The plus side?  I skipped dessert and alcohol!  Small victories, people.

It's been a tough week with workouts too.  On Monday I went to the swim masters workout I have been doing lately and enjoyed being back in the water.  Although, this reminds me that I need to buy some fins.  Someone remind me to buy fins, please!!  

I returned Monday evening to the gym to do my arm-push workout, because I didn't have the energy or time to do it in the morning before having to be at work.  It felt really good to get done and I am enjoying this weight training a lot, even though I have no idea whether or not I am doing it right or if it is working.  I am sore all the time now.  All.  The. Time.  So there is that.

I did a sprint workout in Piedmont Park on Tuesday morning that had me seriously huffing and puffing and questioning my lung capacity because they felt like they were going to give out.

Additionally, the whole workout gave me extreme anxiety because it was hard out and I was sprinting around a dirt path and terrified I was going to trip at any moment and crash to the ground.  I HATE having to question my footing and makes me so nervous and tight when I am running because I feel like I have to brace myself for a fall on every step.

On Wednesday I did a tempo run and a leg workout on my already tired legs.  The tempo workout was the same one I did the week before but felt SO much harder.  I literally had to talk myself through every moment of that run from the very beginning telling myself, "It's only 20 minutes, it's only 20 minutes." and then later, "You are not a quitter.  You do not give up.  That is not what you do.  Not today.  You are not a quitter.  You do not give up.  That is not what you do.  Not today." over and over and over.  It was a challenge but I was proud of myself for finishing.  Do I have muscles yet?

Wednesday evening hopped on an airplane because I was jealous of everyone freezing cold up north in the snow and wanted to partake myself.

Hahahaha!  Just kidding.

Kind of.  I did fly north for work for meetings in my old home of Albany on my old campus.

I used it as an opportunity to go for a morning run with my running bestie.  I did not realize that it was going to be QUITE SO COLD when I was here though!  It's been "cold" in Atlanta so I figured I would be okay here, and I mean, I was.  But, man...

Yes, that says -2 degrees and yes, I ran outside.  It was fun to feel badass again because I loved that feeling all last winter running through frigid temperatures.  I actually warmed up quite a bit during our 3.3 mile trek and it didn't feel too terrible, but that doesn't mean I don't look forward to returning to run in temperatures that don't cause icicles to form on my eyelashes.

I'll be back in the ATL tomorrow and looking forward to a fun weekend.  But until then, can we just take a moment to recognize how freaking adorable my niece and nephew are??  I cannot even handle how much I love looking at these photos.  OBSESSED AUNT RIGHT HERE!!!

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