Monday, January 19, 2015

Southern living - loving the weather!

Before I say anything else, I wanted to write a quick thank you to everyone who has written or texted or messaged me about my post about my body not being the way I wanted and my concern over the numbers on the scale.  I think it is a combination of getting older, less muscle, changes from running, and a number of other things.  However, I want to work on getting back to a place where I feel confident and am at my best running and clothing-wearing self (I miss my clothes that don't fit me right now.)  So, to combat my body woes, I've started to add some weights to my routine.  I know extremely little about weight lifting and I am getting input from some people smarter than me and looking up a lot of online GIFs to explain how to do some of the moves.  I'm determined to learn though!

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled program... I mentioned that the race this weekend was a bit cold standing around in the morning, and I realized afterwards that I should have clarified that.  First off, it was cold.  But nothing like what I was running through last year.  Remember my polar vortex running survival guide?  Yeah, not necessary in Atlanta.  And even though it was chilly in the morning... you guys... the weather this long MLK Day weekend was BEAUTIFUL.  Temperatures of 60-65 degrees and sunshine in the middle of January?!  I will take it!!

Following the race, the weather really warmed up and once I was showered and out enjoying my day, it was windows down and coat off/light jacket kind of weather!

I spent the afternoon checking out the Red Brick Brewery in Atlanta, which I arrived right in time for a tour of, and then sample some of what they had on tap while enjoying the weather!  It seems like a ton of people had that idea because it was packed and a really fun atmosphere.  There were some food vendors, corn hole, and people were there with their dogs hanging out.  Red Brick is the oldest brewery in Georgia and their most popular beer is called the Laughing Skull.  I am so excited to be trying all of this new stuff in Atlanta and every time I try something new, I think about how happy I am to have these things available to me and who I want to take to do what when they come to visit!

Oh and the weather doesn't hurt either.  I do not miss you, sub-zero temperatures in January!

The beautiful weather continued through Sunday and today, as I flew out to Wilmington, North Carolina for work, we had another gorgeous day!  I had today off of work, but I flew in midday to spend the afternoon in Wilmington because I had heard it was a pretty neat town.  It was right on the water with lots of cute shops and restaurants that I checked out this afternoon, and just really enjoyed the fact that it was January and I didn't wear a coat for a portion of the day!!

Since I was in Atlanta this morning, I worked out there, doing a spin class and some weights this morning.  I had exciting news about the spin class, in that, after spinning for about 5 years, I finally made the investment on spin shoes!  However, I gave them their first test run this morning and I think they are too small as my feet went numb during the class.  I am going to try to exchange them, so more to come in the future on that topic.   Not going to lie, after building up the anticipation for so many years, I was a bit disappointed that my whole life didn't change after wearing them for the class.  They were uncomfortable and distracting, so need to try and fix that!

Also, I've only been traveling for a little bit and I'm already frustrated at how hard it is to eat healthy while on the road.  I had dinner out and just ordered a salad with chicken, but it wasn't as healthy as I imagined it to be, and I obviously cannot stop myself once food is in front of me.  So, I need to try and be careful about what goes down the next couple of days.  My Weight Watchers weeks start on Saturdays, so that's when I "reset" for the week.  I've already used a bit of my extra weekly points drinking some of that beer on Saturday and also out on Sunday night, so I need to stick to my dailies for the remainder of the week.  The struggle is REAL.

That being said, I don't regret the decisions I made over the weekend.  I am new to Atlanta and my goals are more than just to lose weight right now.  They are also to have a social life, to meet people, to explore the city, and to improve my running.  I may eat more than I want this week, but I definitely accomplished all my other goals/did my job this weekend in other aspects!

And you know who else did their job this weekend?  The New England Patriots, baby!  We're going to the Superbowl!  Woohoo!

Now, I don't mean to be more of a fan than I actually am.  I don't watch the games regularly and I can't tell you all sorts of facts about the players or the season.  But, I like to get into things around playoff season so I went to the game last week with the Atlanta Fan Club, and joined again this Sunday night for the championship game.

Since last weekend it was a bit hard to meet people, I suggested on the Facebook group for the event that they reserve a people for all the other people who don't have friends  Patriots friends in Atlanta.  Well, when I got there, I saw that they had taken my suggestion and even made reserved seating.  I could not stop laughing!

It worked out great because I met some really cool people who are now new friends (one of whom works at the same company as I do!), our table all bonded, and the other "solos" (I purposely did not want to use the word "singles table") were all really appreciative that I had made the suggestion.

AND my feeling of being VIP continued when I won a prize during the half time raffle!!  I became the proud owner of a Gronk jersey last night that happened to fit me like a glove.  I am SO excited about this and didn't want to take it off!  I will for sure be wearing it for the Superbowl in 2 weeks.

Sorry I look so awkward here.  I'm trying hard to not think about the fact that the Jersey is a size XXL and fits me so well...

But anyways, I am going to head to bed.  I hope everyone had a great long weekend and took some time to remember why we had the day off.  MLK day is almost more relevant than ever right now with a lot of what has been in the news.  If you are looking for a great article to read, I encourage you to head over to my friend KO's blog Everyday Ambassador and check out this post there.

It is pretty amazing to me that I now live in the city where Martin Luther King Jr. is buried and I want to visit the graveyard/memorial in the very near future.  Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. #1 I bet that is an XXL child's size
    #2 Wilimington is where Dawson's Creek was filmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!