Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, today marks my last birthday celebrating in my twenties and one year until this blog needs a new title!  It's funny to me that when I started this blog and chose this title, the end of my twenties seemed forever away.  I had no idea what this blog would become when I started it, so it wasn't really something that was on my mind.  I'd had two or three blogs previously at the time, none of which really stood the test of time.

However, this guy has been something I've been coming back to again and again.  This past year more regularly than ever.  It's evolved and grown as I have, from writing about friends and recipes to moving and running and races.  Even my running posts have evolved from "I don't know if I can run the 9 miles I am attempting tomorrow that I've never done before" and "I just ran 10 miles and am spending the rest of the day laying on the floor" to now "I just ran 16 miles and now am jumping up and down singing and dancing to "Jump Around!" at a 11:00 p.m. at night."

My mindset and attitude and personal and physical strength have evolved over time and with this blog so there will definitely be some changes to come in the future.

However, today for my birthday and for my last 20-something birthday celebration I want to say a quick thank you to all my family and friends and loved ones who have helped and supported me throughout age 28.  It's been an exciting and adventure filled year in the life of Katelyn with so many monumental things happening.

I mentioned the other day that I realized I have never really written about a birthday celebration on here.  So, today I will share a little bit of what I have been doing to celebrate as well. My celebrations have evolved over the years as well as my age and mentality.  From big parties to smaller gatherings from hungover mornings to sprint triathlons and from weekends at home to travel and weddings.

This year I celebrated last Saturday going out with some friends to a few different bars singing and dancing the night away.  I celebrated with my coworkers singing to me and with cookie cake at the end of  meeting. I celebrated with little presents in the mail from family. And withcelebrations and cards from the sweetest group of friends who did not want to let my birthday go unnoticed even during a wedding celebration weekend.  And today I celebrated with lots of messages, phone calls, social media posts, and sweet words from friends. I personally celebrated by taking a "me" day that included swimming, a run, lots of errands, the spa, and getting things done around the house.  With pizza and ice cream and wine too.  AND, with setting goals for the future.

Today I officially signed up for the next new race distance to challenge with my first 1/2 Ironman or 70.3 race!  I am now officially registered for the Chattanooga 70.3 race on May 22, 2016!!! So excited to already have something to keep me motivated for next year and to keep up my cross training and running through the winter.  Here's to the next new adventures in my 29th year!!!!  Happy birthday to me.


  1. Your birthday sounds awesome!!! Congrats on signing up for the 1/2 ironman, you are going to rock it! You are super inspirational to fit all of the fitness AND fun into your day, it's not a feat everyone can accomplish!

    1. Thank you!! I am so excited for the 1/2 and the right amount of scared I think. I'm looking forward to documenting the process! Thanks for reading!

    2. I think being scared was the only thing that got me through training for my Olympic last year! I was afraid if I missed a workout I would fail at completing the Oly. I was tired when I finished, but did not feel like death, so I consider that a big win!

    3. Yup, that's how I feel about all my training. I freak myself out so much and become anal about it. When I was training for Paris marathon I missed TWO miles in the whole training plan and it bugged the heck out of me haha

    4. Are you still blogging anywhere?

  2. I think you should never change the title of the blog. I feel like we are our hungriest in our twenties. I heard someone say that if you want to change anything about yourself then do it before 30.