Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ten Things on a Wednesday

So, I haven't done a bullet post blog for you guys in a while of just some random stuff that is off the top of my head going down and interesting to share.  If you haven't figured it out, I'm somewhat of a sharer and sometimes need to get things off my chest that have nowhere else to go in a post.

1.)  Lately I have been turned to the apple cider vinegar thing.  Oh you haven't heard about that?  Well, apparently it is amazing and is a magic liquid and keeps you healthy and burns belly fat and all this other wonderful stuff.  So, I have started taking one half shot a day.  It takes disgusting but I am hoping the magic happens soon.

2.)  You know how I mentioned I have been taking shots of the ACV (apple cider vinegar)?  Well yesterday I was doing dishes and went to put on the garbage disposal and it started to make horrendous noises.  Well, turns out my little shot glass fell down the drain and then when I turned on the garbage disposal it chopped the shot glass all up.  Woops.  That's good for a garbage disposal, right??

3.)  Over the weekend I installed some video cameras in my apartment for security.  Now, I get to watch when people come over to fix things like my garbage disposal.  I can access the camera on my phone at any time and it's pretty cool to be able to do that.  Sometimes I just like to check in and make sure my apartment is still there.  The notifications of when there is motion is pretty awesome too!

4.)  Cheez Its are delicious.  We all agree on this, right?  They are my blogging snack du jour tonight.

5.)  Speaking of which, I told you guys the other day that one of the things I eat during the day as a snack is hard boiled eggs.  Well, the other day at work, I peeled two amazingly perfect hard boiled eggs.  I cracked them and rolled them around 360 degrees like Coach Jess taught me to do when we were in Paris and then they both just popped out of their shells.  It was the most amazing experience of my life.  I was in awe.

6.)  You would have known about this miraculous egg moment already if you followed me on Snapchat.  Lately I've been getting really into Snapchat and enjoying what I otherwise saw as a pointless social media platform.  It can be really fun!!  I am HungryTwenties on Snapchat!

7.)  I am a bridesmaid in a wedding coming up and I had to bring my dress to get tailored recently.  Since you all know about my psoriasis now, I will share this story.  As the woman was fitting me and getting me sized into the dress she goes, "Pretty lady.  Need to see doctor about your skin."  Whenever things like that happen it is a little cringe-worthy because than you get into a discussion and also the subtext of that is, "Hey you're not bad looking if it weren't for your skin being all jacked up."  Anyways, I thought back to 2009 when I was a bridesmaid in my sisters wedding and went to a store to try and get fitted to the sample model so that I could see what size to officially order.  I promise you, I just walked into the store and asked about wanting to try something on before the lady said, "We have nothing here that fits you." since wedding/bridesmaid dresses run ridiculously small and they didn't keep the larger sizes in the store.  I remember going to the car and crying.  Now things fit me, but it is my skin.  It's always something, huh?

8.)  All that being said, I am trying to be a lot better at accepting myself and my flaws and owning all of it and all of me.  This weekend I posted a photo to Instagram where you could very clearly see a HUGE part of psoriasis on my leg.  It was really scary to me and made my stomach do flip flops as I was posting it.  I had to walk myself through it and get some reinforcement that it was okay, but it still scared me so much.  Today, I did another thing to push myself out of my comfort zone.

I had 8 miles to run this morning and did the first 4.5 with a friend.  Here is us pre-run.  We took our pic because we knew we wouldn't finish at the same time.

When I got to about mile 6.5 I was so hot as it was really humid this morning and my shirt was completely soaking wet and as it is a little loose was flapping against me.  I had the thought fly through my head, I wish I could take my shirt off.  Something like that isn't something I would ever even consider but as it was breezing by my train of thought a tiny little fleck grabbed on to it and was like, "Why can't you take it off?"  Well, people could see me.  I'm not in the right kind of stomach bearing shape.  I usually make fun of people who do that.   People who don't wear a shirt while they run have bodies that are a lot tighter than mine.  Then there's my psoriasis and all that.  Well, I told myself to screw all that.  I was the one that was out here in the morning running 8 miles, I should be able to do what made me feel comfortable and not worry about what people in their cars driving by were thinking.  I told myself if I made it to mile 7 and still wanted to take my shirt off, I would do it for the last mile.  Well, I did and I did.

I realized as soon as I did that I had a stained old ratty white sports bra on, so it was not a pretty sight.  But I felt much more comfortable the rest of the run without the soaking wet shirt on my skin and with the breeze hitting me.  It was a liberating moment (as I simultaneously kept hoping I did not see a single person who knew me) and something I probably would have sworn to you before that I would never ever do.

9.)  I have one year and a little under a week until I need a new name for this blog.  I've been starting to think more seriously about it lately and I may end up making changes beforehand.  The blog has shifted focuses quite dramatically since I started this little thing in 2009.  I can't believe I've been here in one spot writing for so long.  It's a bit amazing to me!

10.) That being said.  I have never done a proper post on my birthday on here.  How is that even possible?  I clicked back through all my August posts and I have never really talked about it before.  Weird!!! My birthday is next week and I celebrated it this past weekend with my friends in Atlanta.  As I have gotten older my birthday has become a little more anticlimactic but this will be my last birthday where I age into my twenties!!!

P.S.  This is a PS not a #11.  I actually just wrote and published this with the title of Ten Things on a Thursday thinking that it totally was Thursday.  Still another day to go. UGHHHH.

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