Saturday, January 16, 2016

Random things for a Saturday night

Hey everyone, I'm in the midst of a super thrilling Saturday night watching TV and hanging out at home before heading to bed.  I wanted to share with you some of the latest random happenings in my world and decided to do it in list form.  Let's dive in.

1.  A super weird coincidence recently came up where I have some travel for work that lined up back to back with personal travel.  Both trips were to the same city and the dates lined up completely perfectly in that the business portion was scheduled to end on a Thursday evening and I had planned to be there Friday morning.  The whole thing totally surprised at the coincidence since my personal trip had been planned for half a year, and the work stuff just came up.

2. Speaking of vacation... I have been trying to buy flights for a vacation that I want to go on for three weeks now.  I can't tell you how many times I have looked up the exact flights online, picked out the prices, seats on the plane, etc. and then just haven't been able to click the purchase option.  For some reason, buying flights seems so scary to me.  It feels so permanent and it is so expensive to change flights.  As you can see from the above situation, things can change so often.  I had already bought my personal tickets, and I could have in the end had work pay for them!  I don't think work will be sending me where I want to go on vacation, but I just never know what is going to come up and what is going to happen.

3. On that topic, let's talk about passports. Ten years went by fast and my passport is set to expire this year.  However, do you know that some countries don't let you in if you have a passport that is within 9 months of expiring?  That is so weird to me, if that's a rule, then the passport should really expire 9 months before when it says it is going to?  I just realized all of this and spent today pulling together everything I needed to send out for my passport to be renewed.  Every time I have to put it in the mail, it gives me extreme anxiety and I am so afraid that I messed something up with the mailing and application process.  Let's hope a new passport returns to me easily!

4. Whenever I try to eat an orange, I get really stressed out. And cause a huge mess.  Eating this orange that I got for free from my gym, was SO HARD.  Am I doing it wrong?

5.  Yesterday I bought a coffee at Dunkin Donuts. I haven't bought a coffee since the beginning of the year since I am trying to save money and cut small things that add up -- such as a daily coffee.  It hasn't really been hard, since I was at first cutting caffeine for a week and then when I added coffee back in, my gym has free coffee (that I have been teaching myself to drink black.)  However, for a Friday I decided to treat myself and went and ordered a small coffee with skim milk in it.  First thing that happened, was that at the drive thru the lady said it would be $1.05.  Then when I pulled up to the window, she said, "Sorry, it's actually $1.79, we thought you'd ordered a latte at first." and I got confused and asked, "So a latte is cheaper at $1.05?" and there is some special going on where yes, apparently a small latte is $1.05.  I debated in my head back and forth what I should do - get the cheaper latte?  But do I need that much milk?  I decided to avoid the dairy and get my more expensive small coffee with skim milk.  Then I paid and drove away and took a sip and realized they put in cream and sugar in the coffee.  Ugh. [Note: I went back an hour later when I was driving by again and they gave me a new coffee, size medium because of the error. It wasn't even that good.]

5.  Another complaint. Today I was riding my bike on the trainer in my apartment from about 6:30-8:00 p.m.  I planned to do a 90 minute ride and watch the 2nd half of the Patriots vs. Kansas City football game.  At about 80 minutes into my ride, as I was just getting amped up to finish my longest ride on the trainer yet, I heard a knock on the door.  I jumped off and opened it to an angry neighbor who lives below me telling me, "I don't know WHAT kind of ENGINE you are running in here, but my apartment has been vibrating for the past hour!! Did you hear me banging on the ceiling? I also called the courtesy officer for the building to let them know."

Reused pic - today was all Patriots!
I was totally shocked for a number of reasons... first, I didn't know that it was making any noise for her.  Second, I had been hearing massive banging below me but I just assumed she was hammering and hanging things on the wall or something - it is an apartment complex and there is occasional noise from a neighbor so I hadn't think anything of it.  Never would I have assumed someone would actually use the technique of BANGING on the ceiling to convey a message.  And third, we have a courtesy officer at this apartment complex?  What does that even mean.

I apologized and showed her that it was just my bike trainer.  She made a huge deal as if it was shaking her whole apartment building down and I didn't really know what to say.  I explained it was not making any noise for me and is a very common thing that I would be using over the next few months.  She said "You know there is a gym over there that anyone can use??" Ugh.  It looks like me and my neighbor are not going to be friends any time soon.  I hope she doesn't yell at me any more but I don't think I am breaking any rules by using a bike trainer in my apartment during normal during the day hours!  Heck, the trainer that I have is even one of the more expensive ones they offer so is way quieter than others out there!

6.  Today I started a 60-day challenge at my gym.  We get a number of different things out of being a part of the competition, including a personal training session, small group training, nutrition seminars, etc.  There are also evaluations and contests, etc.  What I think is great about it is that they have different "tracks" you can sign up for based on your goals.  Weight loss, strength, sports performance, or wellness/flexibility.  I signed up for strength since that is where I can learn the most and need the most help fitting those exercises into my weekly schedule.  I was a bit surprised at how high it was when they did the body fat test, but I am excited to see what sort of progress I can make in 60 days!

That is it for now. Happy Saturday!


  1. apartment living is tough, I used to live upstairs from the kindest man ever - who mostly tolerated me as I would drop things all of the time. ( now I don't have downstairs neighbors and don't ever seem to drop things...)

    also- send your passport with tracking - that way you can at least have the piece of mind that it gets where it needs to go.. Mine expires in 2017 and I'll be so sad, since it is my best picture ever.

  2. I stopped eating oranges because they're too difficult - I don't like them enough for all the work involved :P

    I also don't like Dunkin Donuts' coffee because without all the cream and sugar people put it in it's just *not* good coffee. My boyfriend's parents love Dunkin and don't get why I would rather walk the 3 mile round trip to Starbucks than have them get me coffee from Dunkin. They're nice people, but I can tell they think I'm a total snob when they tell me they're going to Dunkin and I'm like, "Oh...yeah nvm. I don't want coffee." trainer! What kind do you have?!?!

  3. I honestly really liked the fact that a good portion of this post was minor life complaints. It truly makes me feel less insane for the weird things I complain and cry about over at my house. Thank you. I needed the chuckle.

    Also your neighbor is s bit of a witch!