Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Recap of my holiday break 2015

Hey everyone! So I wanted to give a little recap of my holidays on here, while it is still socially acceptable to do so.  I also have my Christmas tree still up and lit in my apartment, because I'm just obsessed with how cozy it makes it feel.  I assume I will have to take it down this weekend, but I'm really enjoying it this week!  So as I sit here by the charming Christmas lights, let me tell you a little bit about my holidays!

First you know I went on a road trip.  I drove up from Atlanta to Alexandria, VA and then from Virginia to New Hampshire throughout two days, and then spent a few days at my sisters running after my niece and nephew and making them laugh.  On Tuesday I hopped back in the car in the evening to drive to Rhode Island to spend the next few days with my mom, family and friends.

I did some shopping and prepping for Christmas on Wednesday and ate dinner with my mom and brother at KC's Classic Burger bar, which I told you about.  And then on Wednesday evening I went out for Christmas Surprise, which is a celebration I throw for my friends every year.  I do it for my family as well, and it actually began as a family tradition that then expanded.  I actually have a whole post I am prepping about what it is and I am super excited to share it with you!

My friends and I did that on Wednesday evening and then Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were all family time.  From my Christmas Eve post I shared a little of what I did with my family, which involved lounging around and eating an "appetizer platter" for dinner which was a request of my brothers.  Ask and you shall receive, dear brother!  Yes, that is loaded potato skins, pizza, chicken bites, mozzarella sticks, garlic bread and pot-stickers all on one plate.

On Christmas Day, we did what we always do and head to my grandmother's to celebrate the holiday with all my aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings.  You know the gang, right?  From the family music videos, of course, :)

It was different for us to have a holiday with such active little babies around but it made it so much fun and I cannot wait to see my niece and nephew grow up throughout the years.

Following Christmas (and a teary goodbye to my sister and the babes because I don't know when I will see them next) I had another girls day with my mom where we went out to see the movie Sisters (not worth it) and also went on a long walk, where we learned that my childhood dentist is not having an affair (long story...)  I love me some mama time.

I had one more holiday party with my friends to go to on Saturday evening, which was formal attire and I had a blast catching up with many of my high school friends.  We definitely didn't take enough pictures, especially with everyone dressed up pretty!  Especially myself...

Classy huh?  I did take a bathroom selfie that I didn't think was terrible, so I figured I would share that here.

From Rhode Island, I jumped back in my car that Sunday morning and drove a few hours to New York City, where I set up camp for the night at my friend KV's before getting dressed and heading out for a wedding!

Yes, on December 27th I had a New York City Christmas wedding for a good friend that I used to work with.  A few other friends came into town for the wedding who I haven't seen in ages, so it was wonderful to be able to all be together to see our friend get hitched and catch up with life.

From New York City it was back to Alexandria, Virginia for two nights and then I meandered my way back to Atlanta on the 30th after another long day in the car of about 12ish hours.  IT WAS GOOD TO BE HOME!

As you know, on the 31st I got out of the house to do a workout with my friends in the park of some running and cross training.  I had a bit of a girls day with Brick, getting our nails done, running some errands, and stopping for nachos and margaritas.  But then I just made my way home.

I spent my New Year's Even on my own, cooking dinner, writing my blog, and reflecting upon the year.  I don't make resolutions but I set goals and mapped out my year a bit.  I made some promises to myself and some things that I want to work on -- nothing magical of "This will start January 1st!" but some things I had already had in mind and planned and wanted the motivation to kick start.  It was great to eat a delicious meal, drink some champagne, set off some sparklers and spend my New Year's with the most important person in my life - myself :)

And with that, my holidays are officially over.  Except that my tree is still up.  And I still have to tell you about Christmas Surprise.  But we're getting there.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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