Sunday, January 17, 2016

Workout recap: 19 weeks out from Chattanooga

Hey everyone, I'm here with another weekly recap of workouts.  I'm not a huge fan I don't think of writing them out this way so I am not sure if I will keep this up, but am committed to at least doing it tonight.  So let's look at this week's workouts, shall we?


Planned - AM Swim and PM Yoga
Actual - AM Swim and PM Yoga!

200 warm up
6x50 kick/drill
200 warm up
3x50 drill/kick
3x200 (4:30)
2x50 (1:00)
2x200 (4:30)
4x50 (1:00)
1x200 (4:30)
6x50 (1:00)
100 cool down
Total: 2700

I love this Monday schedule and if only I could make it happen every week!  This morning's workout felt really good to me.  I loved the long distance focus on the 200s and the mix up of sprinting the 50s within them kept me challenged.  It was a day that I felt awesome getting out of the pool.  In an effort to take pictures of things besides myself, here is a picture of my gym bag in my locker.  For some reason I don't think this is an improvement though, so I'll keep trying.

In the evening, yoga was super amazing since the regular teacher was back.  The class was SUPER packed and I felt pretty tight, so a lot of my yoga poses were more challenging than other days, but it was a great class and I felt awesome headed home.


Planned - AM 4 miles speed work and PM bike ride
Actual - AM 3 miles speed work and upper body weights; PM hang out with Brick

I've come to really enjoy having a day each week to focus on speed.  It makes the workout more fun rather than just going out to run 3 or 4 miles.  It breaks the miles up and it challenges me in a different way.  I always finish completely drenched in sweat and feeling like I accomplished something awesome.  And yes, right now I am doing speed work on the treadmill.

I started this workout with a 1/2 mile warmup running at 6.2 speed on the treadmill.  Then, I pumped up the treadmill to 8.0 (7:29 pace) for 1/4 mile followed by a recovery period of the same distance at 6.2 speed.  I did that two more times, except that for the sprint portion I actually kept the speed at 8.6 (6:58!!)  When I was at 2 miles, I went the sprint speed of 8.6 (6:58) for a 1/2 mile followed by a 1/2 mile recovery.  It felt GREAT to keep my legs moving that fast that long, I was proud of myself after this workout.

My endorphins were pumping so hard and the 3 miles had taken me under 30 minutes so I decided to make my way over to the weight room for an upper body workout before showering and heading to work.

In the evening, I originally had scheduled to do a bike ride.  However, I trashed that plan and decided to have a girls night instead with Brick.  We had wine and milkshakes and I am not ashamed.

As I mentioned in my post about Weight Watchers, one of the things I am liking is breaking away from the Weight Watchers "weekly" rhythm and following a daily one.  So I had a milk shake on Tuesday?  Just start over on Wednesday, no biggie!  And it was delicious by the way.  You could mix flavors of ice cream in it and I mixed chocolate peanut butter with salted caramel.  Amazing.


Planned - 35 minute tempo run
Actual - MTX class and a 30 minute run

Okay, maybe that milk shake did have a side effect and that was making me feel super lethargic in the morning.  I mean, I got myself out of bed and to the gym but when I was there I just sort of wandered around not sure what to do.  I did not feel like getting on the treadmill and running.

Since I was having a hard time making my legs do that, I somehow ended up over in the group fitness class with my morning gym time buddies/friends.  I figured the group atmosphere would give me some energy and force me to workout rather than being on my own.  It worked and the MTX group fitness class definitely woke me up!

I again, got so hyped off the endorphins, that I got a second wind for exercising and ended up hopping on the treadmill for a 30 minute run.  It was not exactly at tempo pace, but I'll let it slide.


Planned - AM 3.5 mile run and PM bike ride
Actual - AM 40 minute bike ride and PM upper body workout

Thursday's schedule ended up a bit different than planned and to be honest, I'm not even sure why.  I ended up doing a 40 minute bike ride at home in the morning and then in the evening I went to the gym to do another upper body workout.

Both felt good and the bike was cool because I can tell that the consistency on the bike is starting to pay off a bit.  I am getting more used to being on the trainer and the time is passing a tiny bit faster.


Planned - AM Swim
Actual - AM swim and PM run

Friday I was back at the pool for another workout that I felt good about.  In retrospect, I could have pushed myself a little harder maybe but enjoyed the workout nonetheless.

250 warm up
3x through (on :30, :35, :40 base intervals)
200 easy
200 broken (50, 75, 50, 25)
250 cool down

This workout went by super fast and we were done before we even knew it.  During the first broken 200, when the interval base was 30 seconds (which means we swam a 50 on 1 minute, 75 on 1:30, 50 on 1:00, then 25 on :30) I decided to do it with fins on.  In retrospect, I should have done it without fins!

I made up for it with an awesome run in the evening though.  I returned to the gym for a 4 mile run on the treadmill and I must have been listening to the right music because midway through I amped up the speed and finished with an average 8:59 pace, although a lot of it I was running faster than that.

Here is a pic from after my run.  I normally wouldn't share this picture but I wanted to post it so that you have an idea of my body right now.  I am still working on recovering from the holidays and then want to see where I can go to get further away from my pooch of a stomach.  I felt really proud after this run and really sweaty, so a picture was in order of myself.


Planned - 25 mile bike ride
Actual - Boxing class, Workout, 78 minute bike ride

Saturday I got to the gym in the morning for the 11:00 a.m. boxing class I love, followed by a group workout to celebrate the kickoff of the 60-day fitness challenge.  There was small circuit rotation workouts that you could jump in to try the different style classes they will be offering throughout the 6 weeks.  It was fun and a good sweat for a Saturday AM!

Later that evening while I watched the Patriots play (and win!) football, I set out on a 90 minute ride on my trainer but was interrupted by my neighbor 78 minutes in.  I was bummed because I really wanted to get to 90 and have it be a new trainer time PR but I wasn't able to get there.  I was super tempted to get back on the bike after she left but decided not to start a war with my neighbor (she was pretty pissed.)


Planned - 12 mile run
Actual - 6 mile run and Twerkout

I pulled myself out of bed this morning feeling super groggy for some reason.  Even though I stayed in and went to bed last night.  Odd. Anyways, I shook the feeling and went out to the Silver Comet for a 6 mile run.  I had no idea what I wanted to run when I went out there, although I did not have the number 12 in my mind.  I figured I would do something easier.  I think I will be okay for my half marathon next weekend distance wise.  I have been feeling really tight in my hips again lately and didn't want to push it.  The six miles felt great though and it was my first outdoor run in a while where my average pace was under 10 minutes.  I finished the 6 miles with an average of 9:52 per mile for each one of them.

Later in the day I tried out a new to me workout by attending this popup class I saw on Instagram of "Twerkout" -- a dance/twerk exercise instructor who runs a studio in LA was in town and posted she was hosting a class.  I decided to be spontaneous and went to it and OMG WAS I TERRIBLE.  It was pretty embarrassing because I cannot dance like these girls.  Plus, all these people that were also in the class are apparently famous.  Which, doesn't make me feel so bad that I don't have their bodies or dance talent.  One was on X-Factor, one is a Disney Channel actress, one is a YouTube celebrity with millions of followers, etc.  And then there was me, trying to shake my butt beside them.  I felt like a moron.  BUT I tried something new and got myself out of my comfort zone, which is always a good thing.

And that's a wrap on the week!!  Next week is going to be a bit of a challenge, so we'll see how it goes.  I appreciate you all reading!  Just so you know I really do.  I found out this week that one of my guy friends from Albany reads this blog and I just never would have expected that out of him and it totally made my day.  Thanks everyone for being here with me!

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