Thursday, May 12, 2016

Life outside of training

The past three weeks have been busy and included lots of travel, as you guys know. I've been around the world and back, and throughout that time have had the chance to do a lot of amazingly fun things in Atlanta, in San Francisco, and all over.

As hard as it is at times and as much as I feel like my life outside of work has been taken over my Half Ironman training, I have been able to have a bit of fun here and there! We're heading into a great season in Atlanta with lots going on and fun events and warm weather. Here's a few of my favorite parts of the past few weeks, in no particular order!

Atlanta Hawks Playoff Game.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was leaving Yard House where I had gotten something to eat with a friend after my long bike ride, and I received a phone call saying, "Do you want to go to the Hawks game in 15 minutes?" I love that my friends are always up to something interesting and I jumped on the opportunity to attend my first Hawks game.

I have no problem admitting that I do not follow the NBA whatsoever (my heart is with college basketball) so I had no idea until I arrived that it was the opening game to the playoffs and that the Hawks were playing my hometown team of the Boston Celtics. Having nothing to do can pay off sometimes!

San Francisco Giants Baseball Game

Sticking with the sports theme, when I was out in San Francisco, I went to a Giants game with a friend and his girlfriend. It was an incredibly fun time and the Giants stadium in San Fran is absolutely beautiful. It looks over the bay and they sell something called Hot Links that are like spicy hot dogs and they're delicious.

Five Nights in Maine movie premiere in San Francisco

The time I had to be in San Francisco also coincided with the San Francisco Film Festival, where a movie that my uncles produced was being screened!  It was an incredibly cool experience to attend the film festival, sit in the Filmmakers section, and see the writer, director, and lead actor participate in a Q&A after the film. I was really proud of my uncles and had such a fun time with them and their friends at the screening!

San Francisco fun in general

I love San Francisco. It is one of my favorite cities around the world and I have so many friends there that it is always a blast. It is beautiful, full of awesome restaurants, cool people, and fun things to do. Love you SF!

Hanging by the pool at Lake Oconee

While in Georgia at Lake Oconee, we had a bit of time free that we were able to hang by the pool. The hotel had a gorgeous infinity swimming pool and I have never swum in an infinity pool before so I knew I had to make it happen. Unfortunately, I had forgotten by bathing suit so I made it work with a sports bra and underwear. Not the classiest of swimming attires, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do sometimes!


The Sunday before I left for Singapore, Brick and I attended our first food festival in Atlanta, the Taco Festival. Atlanta has festivals for EVERYTHING, I promise - they have brunch festivals, ice cream festivals, chili festivals, etc. and I have yet to attend one. BUT a taco festival was something neither of us wanted to miss. I decided to take Brick as a birthday present to her, and to the taco festival we went.

I've heard from people who have attended these types of festivals in Atlanta that the best approach is to arrive right as they start. We planned to be there right at 1:00 p.m. and literally as soon as we walked up, the sky opened and started to downpour. We hid under a tree, but eventually, just couldn't handle it. We embraced being totally soaking wet and went about our taco-ness. 

Eventually the sky cleared up and we then just had a messy muddy field to navigate and soaking wet clothes, but we handled it! Good thing we planned ahead and wore sneakers.

And then, as we were sufficiently stuffed with tacos and ready to go home, we head out a few hours after arriving. As we were leaving, the lines to get tacos were outrageously long and the line to even GET INTO the Taco Festival was complete insanity. I was so glad that we went to the festival at the time that we did and we both agreed that we would have rather gotten wet than wait in those lines!

And with that, I will wrap up. Lots of fun to be had lately and I am looking forward to more happy times throughout the summer. We're in official summertime weather here in Atlanta so I'm pretty happy about that!

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