Sunday, May 1, 2016

Workout Recap: 3 Weeks out from Half Ironman Chattanooga!

Happy Sunday evening everyone!!! Today is May 1st and my race is May 22nd so I am officially 3 weeks out from race day. Woohoo!  That is both scary and exciting at the same time. It seems like things are coming together and the race is becoming more and more real. I had my peak training weekend this weekend and I also had my rental wetsuit arrive in the mail. Final preparations are underway and race day will be upon us!

This week was another challenging week to fit in all of my workouts and although I am happy that I got a lot in, I am also a little frustrated with myself. My non-workout time hasn't been very good for me. I have been overeating (and not the good stuff - with junk and sugar and carbs.) I have been having drinks every day. And I haven't been getting enough sleep.  I feel like I did when I was leading up to the Kansas City Marathon and it's frustrating because I know I am better than this. I've had a really hard time mentally seeing my times go down and my runs get slower and my weight go up but that just frustrates me into wanting to eat more. Plus, when you travel, good food is just all around!

However, let's get to my workout recap.

Monday, April 25: AM swim practice and PM 23.87 mile bike ride (15.66 mph for 1:31:29)

I started Monday with the following workout. Since I had missed swim practice for a week, I was happy with the fact that it was a long slow workout. I was able to zone out and just get some good distance in. I don't think my body would have liked it much if I tried to sprint or do a faster paced set, so this felt like it was exactly made for me this day!

Warmup: 1000 mix of swim, kick, pull, and swim
2x1000 Swim
1x25 (:05 seconds rest)
3x50 (:10 seconds rest)
3x75 (:15 seconds rest)
1x100 (1:00 minute rest)
1x100 (:05 seconds rest)
3x75 (:10 seconds rest)
3x50 (:15 seconds rest)
1x25 (1:00 minute rest)

In the evening, I took my bike to the bike shop to have them fix the flat tire from yesterday. When I checked my tire when I got home, the pressure was down to 40 from 100, which I know shouldn't happen overnight. They replaced the tube at the bike shop and then I went down to the Silver Comet for a 90 minute ride that I should have done over the weekend.

I was enjoying seeing a little muscle following the bike! I didn't do a brick workout this evening and run after the bike since it was already almost dark out. I had started later than I wanted due to getting the tire fixed so it was just biking for the evening.

Tuesday, April 26: Rest Day

Monday night I had a lot of trouble sleeping. I struggle with anxiety, which isn't something I really write about here and it was through the roof. I was up the whole night and called off my workout in the morning in order to get a bit more sleep. I had evening plans of a dinner for work, so I didn't have the chance to workout on Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 27: PM 4 mile run (10:09 min/mile at 40:42)

Early on Wednesday morning I drove out from Atlanta to Lake Oconee, Georgia, where I had a team offsite meeting for work. There was no way to workout in the morning with the timing, unless I did at about 5:00 a.m. and that's not really something I do. So, instead, I squeezed in a 4 mile run in the evening between when our meetings ended and dinner began.

It was a rough run since I had been eating M&Ms and chocolate covered pretzels a mere hour or so before heading out. Plus, the trail around the golf course that they had to run was REALLY hilly and the humidity was high. I did a 4 mile run and when I finished my heart was racing and I was out of breathe. It was weird that my heart rate was so high for an easy run but I figured it was just the hills, heat and lack of prep. It didn't feel quality, but I was able to get a run in and happy about that!

Thursday, April 28: 1 hour bike ride and upper body weights

Thursday morning I started the day by heading to the gym at the hotel and jumping on their stationary bike for about an hour. I say about an hour because the stupid thing kept shutting off on me so I am not entirely sure of the exact time that I biked.

The gym had two stationary bikes, one of which was the kind where you sit down low and it has a back panel. There was one that you sit more upright on. It had an electronic panel and you could adjust the bike intensity from 0-25 by clicking up and down.  After I did a little warm up and some at a moderate intensity, I tried cracking the bike up to 20-25 intensity so that I could practice climbing and I tried to crank the pedals.

Well, I think I broke the bike or something because it kept shutting off. The panel would just go black and start over. I tried pushing the bike up to 20+ a few times but it would shut off over and over again. So, I wasn't sure how long exactly I rode, but I did listen to the Beyonce album the whole way through and I estimated it was about an hour.

Following the frustrating time on the bike, I did a short upper body workout with some of the weights that they had in the gym. And then sat outside for some stretching, with these amazing eucalyptus smelly cool damp towels that I loved. The end of Thursday's workouts!

Friday, April 29: AM 3 mile run (10:18 min/mile at 31:03)

So Thursday night I stayed up a little later than planned, but I also had the ability to sleep in a bit longer since our work meetings weren't starting until later. I was able to get in a 3-mile run on the same super hilly trail that I had run on Wednesday and then got to stretch and relax by the pool.

I had noticed when I finished on Wednesday that my heart rate was super high and I was out of breathe, which was odd for a 4-mile run. I tried to pay attention to my heart rate (just by feel) on this run and focused on keeping it at a level pace. When I would go up a hill my heart rate would go up and I would feel out of breathe so I would try to see how much I needed to slow my pace in order to slow my heart rate and feel more in control. No matter to pace, I just wanted to have maintain a level heart rate. It worked pretty well and I finished this run feeling a lot better than Wednesday.

Saturday, April 30: 62.57 mile bike ride (14.17 mph for 4:25:00) + 10ish minute run

You guys, I did it! I biked the full distance of the race and then some!!  I felt good throughout and was really proud of myself for getting this done. I was determined and focused this weekend and knew that I needed these workouts to be high quality and just went out and got the miles done.

I have a longer post planned all about this day and the ride, so I will just leave it at that for now, but yay, guys, yay!!!

Sunday, May 1: 12 mile run (10:02 min/mile for 2:00:23)

I realllly needed a good run in this training cycle and I finally managed a decent run this morning!  I got up early and started at about 7:20 a.m. which was cool and hazy following a big storm we had the night before. I decided to run Paces Ferry Road, which is the route that I did for my 15 mile and 18 mile runs during Chicago Marathon training. It is shaded and scenic and starts with 3 miles of uphill, ending with 3 miles of downhill (obviously.) I hadn't done that run since September so figured it was a good one to put in the agenda.

This area of town must have gotten hit really bad by the storm because lots of areas of the sidewalk were totally covered with twigs and branches and huge branches at times, so it made it a little bit of a trail run for me.

At 7.5 miles I started feeling crappy, which is where I have started walking the past 2 weeks. I thought to myself, "What happened to my body? It's like I forgot how to do long runs!" and then I heard a little voice tell myself that my BODY did not forget. I can still run the distance. It's just my mind that has forgotten. I was compassionate with myself, saying it's understandable since I worked so hard the day before, but to fight through it and remind my mind and body that I could do this.

I did the whole 12 miles without walking and was so happy to have gotten in a good run with this training cycle! The sun came out at the end and it was humid and I finished the run literally soaking wet with sweat. I was drenched and could wring out my shirt and pants as well.

I immediately changed my shirt before driving home and guzzled some water.


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