Friday, May 20, 2016

Workout Recap: Race week workouts for Half Ironman Chattanooga

Alright guys, this is it for my workout recaps in training for Chattanooga. It's another light one but that's because it is taper week. I basically had a 3 week taper so hopefully that was a little unnerving to me but at this point, what are you going to do? I mentioned earlier this week that I actually had some clarity and such happiness and excitement because all of that anxiety of "should I be doing more?" was gone. It's the week of the race. There's no more that I can do.

I love this part of training. Yes, taper week you feel antsy and fat and unfit and just ready to race... but there's also just adrenaline building inside you. I have felt so anxious throughout this whole race about wanting to do more and worrying if I am doing enough - this week I couldn't have those feelings. Nothing I would do would really help me. The race week is here!

Monday, May 16: Stretch and rest

Originally, I was planning to go to swim practice on Monday morning but I was really tired and I had swum on Sunday, which wasn't originally planned so I turned Monday into a total rest day. I didn't want to go to yoga since I figured that because we had an easy class last week we'd have a tough class this week. Plus, the guide that I have been following for the past two weeks said rest on Monday.

Tuesday, May 17 : 3.2 mile run in 30:07 at 9:25 min/mile

I originally was supposed to run in the morning with Janet, but we got rained out. I ended up going to the Chattahoochee Trail after work for a run for the first time in a while. There had been an urban legend for years around here that there was an alligator in the river by this trail that people would spot. Recently a photographer captured the alligator and the trail was closed. It was just caught so now people can run here again. It had been raining so it was wet packed dirt, cool (muggy) air, and very green. It was a good run!

Wednesday, May 18: 2400 meter swim practice

I remembered a workout for once, yay! Swim practice was great. I felt good in the water and did a shorter workout at the guidance of the coach, who knew I was racing this weekend. Everyone else did two sets of the 200s and 50s, but I went once through and went right to the 50s with a little push behind them.

800 warm up (150 swim + 50 kick x 4)
4x50 (kick/swim)
Followed by..
4x50s on 1:10
4x50s on 1:05
4x50s on 1:00
4x50s cool down

Thursday, May 19: 8.55 mile bike ride in 30:30 at 16.82 mph

I really didn't feel like going out and doing this workout for some reason but of course I did. It felt amazing to be done my final training. I did a quick 30 minute bike ride and when I got back I just sort of walked and rode around a little enjoying the evening and feeling happy and accomplished. And taking pictures, of course.

I actually didn't look at my pace until right now when I went to write it down for the post and I was shocked. Is that really right? That's the fastest I have ever ridden I think. I was totally shocked just now!

Friday, May 20: Stretch and rest

Another rest day for me!

Today I drove out to Chattanooga and I will post more about that tomorrow. However, no workouts happened besides running around in the rain. Tomorrow I will do a shake out on the bike and running. Then race day!

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