Thursday, August 9, 2012

Park Playhouse's production of Hairspray

Every summer I look forward to seeing what shows Park Playhouse will have to offer and going to see a musical theatre production out, under the stars, in Washington Park.  It is one of Albany's hidden gems that I literally discovered by running into it in the park 3 or 4 years ago.  When out for a run, I all of a sudden heard the tunes from "High School Musical" being belted out from around a turn and as I ran in that direction, I stumbled upon the Washington Park lakehouse and a full blown live musical in front of my eyes.

Since then I've gone every year and seen Annie Get Your Gun and The Producers in the park.  For those who don't know, general seating for Park Playhouse productions is completely free and they put on two shows every summer.  You bring your own blankets and lawn chairs, as well as drinks and snacks, for those who are inclined.  This Tuesday I went with some friends to see this year's show -- Hairspray!  And obviously we brought food & drink...

Our spread for the show this year... cheese, chocolate, edamame, berries, pretzels, carrots, graham crackers, and...
A giant bowl of popcorn in a Santa Claus bowl, aka, my contribution.
Aside from being a really fun musical that I was looking forward to seeing live, this year's show had some extra appeal for me.  My former landlord, and friend, was starring in this year's show as the one and only Corny Collins!  As his husband put it, I'd now have the opportunity to hear Brian sing for real -- rather than through the floors of our former building, where Brian and Matt lived in the apartment below mine.  Please excuse the incredibly gross and old photo below, but it was the only one I could find with everyone in it :)

Myself, Matt, Brian, and Jackie -- who you can find at Food, Face, Chomp!
If anybody in the Capital Region is looking for something incredibly fun and entertaining to do in the next week, you must go to Albany's Washington Park and see Hairspray.  The entire cast was INCREDIBLE and the show was a blast.  I was so impressed, but not really surprised, at the incredible energy and talent my friend Brian, and the rest of the cast brought to the stage.  I spent the entire show singing and dancing along in my seat.

Before the show got under way.

I think that the cast nailed the characters perfectly -- which can be difficult when performing a show like Hairspray, which appeared in theaters within the past few years, so audience members may relate to the highly recognizable and notable actors who have played these characters in the past.

Mid show. Terrible Pic. My apologies.  Just go see it for yourself.

Incredibly kudos to this year's cast of Hairspray and everyone at Park Playhouse who works to put these productions together every year.  It consistently is one of my favorite parts of summer in Albany and a unique event that this area has to offer that makes me happy to be able to call Capital Region my home. 

 And SPECIAL props to this year's Corny Collins, for an insanely fun and spot on performance.  I was so happy to be a part of your cheering crowd on Tuesday night and see you shine!!

Brian, his intense stage makeup, and I after the show!

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  1. Katelyn, you look beautiful in all of these pictures. Matt and Brian look beautiful too. I, on the other hand, look like an alien. Regardless, your post made me totally excited to go and see HAIRSPRAY! Keep blogging. I love reading your writing. And thanks for mentioning my little ol' blog :)