Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I locked my keys in my car today.

Today during lunch I went to the boot camp class again that I had attended on Thursday in the rain (it is every Tuesday and Thursday.) After a great workout, I went back out to my car and popped the trunk to put my gym bag in it.  As soon as I slammed the trunk shut, I realized that my keys were in my gym bag.  And I hadn't unlocked the car doors.  UGH.  Oh, and addition to my keys being locked in my car, as was my wallet, my apartment keys, and my ID badge for work are all locked in my car.

Anyways, luckily, my friend Dave said he would drive me home after work and then drive me in to work tomorrow morning. So, just minor adjustments had to be made to survive the night without my car or any of the things in it. I had plans to meet a friend for dinner and I did have to pay with a roll of quarters I had at home, but that’s okay. It’s still money, right?

And, I realized one pretty cool thing out of this. As some background information, I introduced my friends Jenna and Dave who have been dating for a while now. Anyways, I just now realized I have the best argument whenever I need a favor.  A quick snapshot of how I got Dave to rescue me from my locked keys in my car.

Go me.

Anyways, speaking of boot camp and me doing stupid things.  Last week when I did the class for the first time in the rain on Thursday, my clothes and sneakers were pretty gross and wet after class.  However, I lad to leave my gym bag at work because I left right from work to go to New York City on Thursday and then came back just briefly before leaving for the weekend.  Oh, and not to mention, I forgot about it.

So when I got in to work on Monday and opened up my little closet thing at my desk.  Oh man, did my gym bad not smell good.  Soaking wet clothes and sneakers crumpled up in a ball stored away for 3 days... ugh.  I didn't know how I was going to get it out of my cubicle and down to my car without stinking up the whole office.  And what would happen if I got stuck with someone in the elevator?  That would be terrible, for them.  I was really nervous about it but I finally just snuck the bag out to my car.  And it was nice and sunny yesterday so when I got to my car I decided to leave my sneakers on top of my car to dry (and smell) out in the sun.

Well, later in the day we had one of those sudden torrential down pours.  So, fail for me.

Looks like this week is going well :)


  1. Oh man, bummer that you locked your keys in the car, but that's a hilarious exchange with your friend!!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. Spoiler alert... when my friend drove me in to work today, I realized I had forgotten my spare keys at home. Ahhhhh!!

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  6. I cannot tell you enough how many times I have done this over the years, no matter how many different types of "mental notes" I have tried to make for myself. Even though your friend seemed to give you a bit of a hard time(in good humor, I'm sure), I am glad that they were able to help you out of a jam!

    Cedrick @ Viva Chrysler Dodge Jeep

  7. I had a similar experience years ago when I had a minor accident in NYC and locked my keys in the car. I had to ask an NYPD officer for help. He persuaded a parking lot attendant to lend me a slim jim. Now, I always lock car doors from the outside so I know I have the keys.

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