Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How do you measure a year in the life?

Do guys have as many mood swings as girls?  I feel like I've been up and down lately.  Just yesterday I wrote about how I was proud of my 5 years at GE and tonight I'm feeling like I haven't done anything with my life.

I went to dinner tonight with some friends, which was great and really fun but it made me realize that I'm in the exact same place I was in a year ago.  I know this feeling will pass because it comes and goes sometimes but it sucks when I am feeling it.  One of my friends I saw at dinner, I hadn't seen in literally a year and of course the question is, "What's new?!?" and when recapping that... it makes me think... well, nothing is new.  I live in the same apartment.  I have the same job.  I'm still single.  I'm still working every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle and resist eating fro yo covered in candy every day.

Yes, I have done a whole bunch of crap within the past year... I went to Brazil.  I had some great experiences for work.  I dated someone for a few months.  I ran a half marathon.  Blah, blah, blah.

I just sometimes get caught up in, I don't know, that my life should be at certain points at certain times maybe.  That years should be measured with some kind of noticeable change.  A new location or a new  job or a new relationship.  I just feel weird sometimes when you have those awkward small talk catch up conversations.  I'm obviously not going to tell her about a vacation I took last August.  Or a relationship that both started and ended months ago.  I just jump to today.  And today is the same as last year.

But you know what, I will use that for motivation to make changes today to make tomorrow better.  To find new experiences to challenge myself and grow myself as a person.  To keep my life exciting and keep making myself better.

At least I can certainly try.

I didn't feel that motivation really strongly until after dinner though.  So it wasn't around to stop me from eating a roll tonight at dinner.  But, in my defense it was right out of the oven and warm and that is something that would be a pity to waste.

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  1. I totally have mood swings like this... on the daily, really. Don't worry, life has up and downs and it's not like you have to measure up to some invisible universal scale. Just be happy every day, be motivated to be the best verson of yourself, and work on achieving goals that are important to you. If you can do that, you're doing great!

    Sarah @ Life As Always